Jolla CEO talks about Nokia Bridge Program

In a revealing interview on Finnish TV, Jolla Mobile’s CEO Jussi Hurmola discussed future plans for moving forward with Jolla Mobile.

From dissecting various sources, it appears that Jolla Mobile, the startup which will aim to continue the meeGo legacy was supported by Nokia’s bridge program which aims to help ex-employees secure their future.

Nokia is renowned to be a holistic company who look after their employees and this is further evidence of the fact.   Hurmola had nothing but praise for Nokia and felt fortunate to have been a part of Nokia for so long.  Hurmola told ItVikko that he “would definitely like to thank Nokia.” He added that “Nokia and Jolla have a good and open relationship.”

This illustrates that Nokia don’t appear to be concerned about a potential competitor and perhaps there are further potential connections between the two companies (eg. will Nokia supply hardware elements to Jolla – perhaps a 3rd party agreement in this regard is on the cards?).   Regardless of the details, this is all round fantastic news and great to see Nokia acting in such an altruistic manner – their old-fashioned values are something which I have always loved about Nokia.

So there appears to be a lot of hope for meeGo and with a new device on the horizon, I’m already starting to wet my pants!

Hurmola has confirmed that they (Jolla) will not be bringing out future updates for the N900/N9/950 (unless of course they are sub-contracted by Nokia to do so=probably unlikely now especially for the N900).   Their device will be totally new using the base code for meeGo (ie. not Harmattan which was the Nokia-fied version of meeGo), but they plan to make a UI that is as fresh and will strive for perfection.

My only hope is that they match the software with excellent hardware – Nokia’s hardware has always been spot on, and perhaps a partnership of sorts would be worth considering if they can work something out.

Nevertheless, I’m certain that they are on the right path and look forward to watching this all unfold!

My wishlist for a new Jolla-meeGo device:

-Replacement for N900 (like N950)

-Hardware keyboard (like N900)

-1.2ghz+ processor (ideally dual core)

-Match hardware of N900 perhaps with addition of NFC

-4 inch capacitive screen

-8 mega pixel camera minimum (Pureview tech would be a bonus but unlikely!)

-Integrated Skype/Gmail/FB/Twitter etc like N9

-FM transmitter (pleeeeease!)

-min 32gb storage + sd card slot

-1gb rom minimum

-replaceable battery

Well that covers the basics….please feel free to comment and add your own wishlist.

Thanks for reading :-)

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