24 Hours To Go: Great Expectations

With less than 24 hours to go until the big SLUSH event in Helsinki, the anticipation and the weight of expectation circling around Jolla is huge – but are we expecting too much at this early stage I ask ?

Based on what we have seen on previous iterations – both Maemo and MeeGo – I believe we can expect something truly outstanding from the Jolla team and the Sailfish OS.

As Jolla themselves have stated before, their streamlined size does make them able to move more efficiently (read: Sailfish def. fastest fish in the sea) and I’m certain this will show on the day.   As they have also stated before, the current smartphone industry has remained stagnant for a good few years now and there are certainly ports of entry for someone new, someone fresh and innovative: a challenger.   What I am most intrigued to see is can the streamline Jolla offer us something that the huge multi-national tech companies have been incapable of to date – that is – a new viable open alternative to Android/IOS  ?   I expect to be surprised, I hope to be blown away and if I were a gambling man, I would stake my life on Jolla coming up with the goods tomorrow.

For all my idealist qualities, I am decidedly realistic underneath and accept that Jolla do have a big open ocean ahead of them, but I also know that this is only just the beginnings of their journey and all things are possible with a strong belief and a good headwind.  For these reasons, I believe Jolla have the perfect base to succeed along with support from a broad audience of people stretching across our globe.  Those people who sampled the delights of what Maemo and MeeGo brought us, those people, like me who longed for more but never got a chance to see some form of continuation.  Those people like me who since Jolla declared ‘MeeGo is not dead’ have been given a new founded belief and because of this are now following the Jolla story.

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning, the day when many of our discussions, questions, speculations over the past months will cease to matter, the day when Jolla and the Sailfish OS will finally come out in the open, beared naked for the world to see.

Wishing Jolla the very best of luck for tomorrow’s big event and know that we are all rooting for you wherever we may be in the world, across oceans, waiting for Jolla’s boat to come in, and I for one cannot wait any longer!!

SLUSH AHOY: Onward Sails!  :-)

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  1. We need quite a lot of expectations management. What do you think, would it be sufficient, if they introduce something on par with N9/Swipe UI, or does it need to be something completely groundbreaking? How can they ensure from UX poiny of view that someone else just reskins Android to match their UI/UX. How can they show the potential in Mer, if/when they dont have a device to show. Ofcourse they can use the same hw without the actual device. What is enough from performance pov to get people interested (efficiency, multitasking capabilities). Is Mer even up to it?
    What can they show what they have to offer for potential partners – operators, OEMs, internet services firms etc – on possibilities for them to customize and integrate their offerings into the device?
    There will be a whole lot of questions after the event. And they need to get their audience impressed tomorrow or they will fall into oblivion quite soon. I wish them all the best for tomorrow.

    • I never took you for a glass half empty kinda guy James j/k. I guess either way all we can do now is wait and this time tomorrow we will hopefully all be feeling ecstatically enlightened!

    • I also had N900, but a after a few months the usb port broke. Nokia gave me a N8 (I hate the company for that). Last week I got a N9, I’m really impressed, never had a better phone. I really hope Jolla fixes all the parts missing at the N9/MeeGo and does not change too much.

      • There’s actually A LOT of good things in the N8 (not just the camera) that I wished the N9 had…
        Much of it would’ve arrived if resources hadn’t been dropped so dramatically, but some of it was just straight-up hw limitations, which no doubt would’ve been corrected with successive devices.

  2. There’s a lot off Symbian hangers on (me included) who have high hopes for Jolla. I hope tomorrow they can give us the operating system we were so looking forward to before the Nokia rug was pulled on meego/Harmattan. I suspect many Symbian users are watching Jolla with interest and like me are holding on to see what they offer before switching OS. Symbian has no future so we have no choice but to look to new ecosystems. Blackberry, Huawei, are both working on new OS’s but for me I was already planning on using Nokias Meego, so Sailfish is just the rebirth of that expectation. Good luck to Jolla for tomorrow and also a big thank you to those that compile and contribute to this blog.

  3. DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF SAILFISH AND JOLLA MOBILE WILL ENABLE TO USE DOUBLE SIM? PLEASE ASK THEM TO!!! I love MeeGo and Jolla Mobile but I will not buy a mobile with one SIM CARD only, this is not enough! And this is standard from previous century! Any Asian mobile, even dumbphone, can use more then one SIM card! And I want with my future Jolla smartphone TO HAVE MORE THEN ONE SIM CARD IN ONE SINGLE SMARTPHONE!!! IT IS A MUST!!! THIS IS CURRENT TIME STANDARD!!! JOLLA, PLEASE DON”T MESS UP AND MAKE IT DOUBLE SIM OR TRIBLE SIM!!!

    • @psion5mx

      Interesting read thanks, I hope the OS Huawei’s hinting at is Sailfish, Engadget (predictably) doesn’t even consider Sailfish, it automatically assumes Huawei must be talking about FirefoxOS or OpenWebOS >.>

      • Can’t recall whether the Sailfish alliance was announced before Sept 25 (when the article was written), even so there’s not even a consideration of something MeeGo, MeR+Nemo/Other, or Jolla based >.>

        • ok, the news were covered already ;)

          Jolla has been sailing in China a lot before the Sep 25, which means that the Sept 25 is not crucial point in time. Huawei had recruitment ad for a couple of OS related resources a while ago in Tampere Finland (where most of Finnish Meego related development and Jolla’s R&D is), but nothing since. They sounded more like Android development positions so no hint from there.

          • Yeah all the Chinese-based manufacturers seem to be embracing Android “even more” strongly, not moving away, that’s what I’m worried about.