In My Wildest Jolla Dreams…

Okay I’m going to get straight to the point here no beating around the bush as I just need to get this idea out there before my brain explodes!

While we wait for Sailfish to get completed and the new Jolla phone which isn’t due out until Summer 2013, why couldn’t Jolla license MeeGo Harmattan from Nokia along with the unreleased Lauta RM-742, slap Jolla branding all over it and release it to the millions who I know want it ?

Lauta: In My Jolla Dreams…

This would give Jolla a direct source of income while they finish Sailfish and when Sailfish is ready they could then offer an upgrade port to the Jolla branded Lauta so people could then have the full official Sailfish experience onboard.   Even better, they could offer a dual boot port so that people have an even nicer transitional experience from MeeGo Harmattan into Sailfish.

Then when Jolla are happy that Sailfish is complete, they could release their own smartphone with Sailfish onboard having had the benefit of a period of trial with Sailfish to make sure all the issues are ironed out and which would also allow developers time to get apps ready for the new Sailfish ecosystem.   An even better solution would be if Sailfish could run native MeeGo apps so there is even less of a teething period involved.

Does it sound too simple ?

One foreseeable issue is that Nokia would not be willing to license either the software or the hardware to Jolla, but surely it could only be a benefit to Nokia as there would be financial gains for them also.

The other issue is that Jolla may not be interested in offering this continuity of MeeGo Harmattan when they are completely 100% focussed on their own Sailfish OS strategy and they may not want to be distracted from their current goal.

IMO this is the most holistic open approach both companies could take as it would give us some much needed continuation from Nokia products and in doing so Jolla would gain the full undivided support and attention of all N9 owners in an instant which can only make it a win all round for both Jolla and Nokia (who would benefit from licensee payouts).

Both Nokia and Jolla need to realise that this is a very unique situation that they are both in with 2 massive points that make considering linking up like this very poignant:

1/  Jolla’s current position which has been created by their previous connections to Nokia and their experience of working on Meego Harmattan means they are perfectly equipped for such a strategy and stand to gain financially immediately to propel Sailfish forward at a faster pace.

2/  The perceived feeling by many and hopefully Nokia themselves that Nokia should indeed offer some form of continuation to N9 MeeGo users and the financial gains they stand to make mean it is something they should strongly consider.

So for Jolla the advantage of being open to this kind of strategy would mean it would give them more time and money in order to get both Sailfish and their own Jolla phone completed.   It would also extend a bridge to existing N9 users who would find an easy transition to the Lauta Jolla branded MeeGo device and then latterly onto Sailfish via an official port and finally later in the year the Jolla branded Sailfish phone.

For Nokia, the benefits are they would repair their relationship with N9 MeeGo users who have been literally left out in the cold and they would also gain financially from the licensing agreement and the fact that more apps would inevitably be purchased through the Nokia store = more profits!

Hypothetically, if I told you that both Jolla and Nokia were onboard for this idea and starting from January 1st, 2013, presales were going to start for delivery by January 14th of the new Jolla branded Lauta handset what would you say ?

Maybe it all sounds a bit too incestuous – what do you think ?

End of dream and back to reality: in lieu of this kind of holistic continuation, a nice unofficial Sailfish port to my N9 would suffice while I wait for Jolla to bring out their new phone later next year! ;-)

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