GMIC Video: Marc Dillon Onstage

Here are some links we got from the Jolla Mobile facebook page where you can see recent footage of previous CEO Marc Dillon onstage at GMIC 2013 alongside the Chinese representatives from Mozilla and Canonical.

In the early stages of the video (up to 05.30 minutes), we see a nice new demo (in English) of Sailfish with a new panel of icons and a few other new things.   Sailfish to my eyes is generally looking more polished and the icons are looking really nice.  I also see an icon for ‘FM Radio’ so assume that this might point to there at least being an FM receiver onboard the new handset ?

Anyway, take a look for yourselves and see what you think:

The second link is to a (badly) google translated script of the onstage dialogue… this might not be so useful due to the poor translation in parts but at least worth a mention:

Thanks and Sail On…

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