Jolla Pre-Order: Final Price Input

With our recent poll to get a rough idea for demand on the ensuing Jolla handset pre-order, it is becoming plainly clear that price is one of the deciding factors when considering the new Jolla handset for almost 33% of voters.

This is completely understandable as the pre-order handset will obviously not be available via a mobile operator so the upfront cost is a big investment for many people.

I felt like as the ‘price’ option affects almost 33% of the voters to date, now would be a good time to dig up a poll from an older post which gave you all a chance to choose the price brackets you feel you would be happy to pay for the new Jolla handset.

If you voted when the original poll was created, you may not be able to vote again, but at least for newcomers this is an opportunity to voice your feelings on the price for the forthcoming handset:

For those unfamiliar with Euros and to convert to your chosen currency, visit:

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