Jolla Pre-Order: Final Price Input

With our recent poll to get a rough idea for demand on the ensuing Jolla handset pre-order, it is becoming plainly clear that price is one of the deciding factors when considering the new Jolla handset for almost 33% of voters.

This is completely understandable as the pre-order handset will obviously not be available via a mobile operator so the upfront cost is a big investment for many people.

I felt like as the ‘price’ option affects almost 33% of the voters to date, now would be a good time to dig up a poll from an older post which gave you all a chance to choose the price brackets you feel you would be happy to pay for the new Jolla handset.

If you voted when the original poll was created, you may not be able to vote again, but at least for newcomers this is an opportunity to voice your feelings on the price for the forthcoming handset:

For those unfamiliar with Euros and to convert to your chosen currency, visit:

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  1. If I can buy it in a Norwegian shop I will pay 400 – 500 euros (or more if the handset is really good) If I can get it from e.g. Aliexpress I will pay 200 – 250 euros. If Jolla offers to ship me a handset which I can use in Norway, I will pay 300 – 350 euros.

    • As a Chinese, I hope the price is less than 300 euros, for my income per month is less than 600 euros. it is difficult to persuade my girlfriend agree me to buy a phone which costs me more than half income of a month.

    • The “dualcore” requirement got the N950 cancelled for mass production because “nobody will buy a single core handset”. What people always tend to forget is that efficiency is a huge factor. I could use my N950/N9 for a whole day without recharging and it still had juice in the evening. With my android quad-core phone on standard battery… half a day with light usage.
      I agree that the phone has to be fast enough, but I’d rather like to see that happening due to efficiency, not through obscene cpu power :-)
      However… I agree… dual core krait and 1gb sounds reasonable :-P

  2. I woul pay 200 – 250 eur max. Why? It’s first of it’s kind and you can’t be sure will there be secpnd generations at all. Plus the ecosystem needs huge number of users. Lower price, more people will by it. Get the price higher later on.

  3. Really? you build a phone then ask your target market what its willing to pay, perhaps you should have done that before building the phone.

    • This is just a mutually beneficial exercise and if anything is really useful for the community behind Jolla to have their say with regards price:

      a) It gives us as customers/community a chance to say what kind of price we could truly afford for our next handset (remember a lot of people only get there phones on contract and don’t normally have upfront capital to invest so this is an unknown quantity).
      b) This feedback then helps Jolla see what kind of price bracket the majority of people from the Jolla community can afford which is useful for them also.

      I’m sure Jolla already had price in mind a long time ago, but if they can get close to the majority choices in polls like these then its WIN WIN for everyone. And no we don’t build the phone – Jolla do that. :-)

  4. Totally Disgusting! How can you justify that,the above price would be suitable for phone,which don’t know how it looks,feels,performs and other specs. So commenting on that is Useless!
    Think About It!

  5. Target price is easy to determine. What’s an S3 and a 920 worth on the internet + postage – about the same. That’s the spec level I would expect. In Australia it’s about $450>600 +/- a few dollars (discounting changes prices by the week) or about 500 Euro. max. If Jolla are really nice people (and I know they are) they could beat that price easily.

  6. Should be a good price – remember – no reseller margins. Price will be from Jolla’s door to ours – or factory to our door. Ha – another point – who is manufacturing Jolla phones ?????

      • How do you know it will be from Jolla’s doors to ours? In China they already have contract with retailers shops net. So why not elsewhere? Such a model never was promised and frankly I’d be surprised. It is rather against business interests, this is idealistic wishful thinking. Note Jalla asked at twitter “go and ask for jolla your operator” or similar.
        Jolla need to gain popularity which gives results in sold units, to involve devs in software creation (market capacity/population must be big enough) to attract new users and so on.

        There were predicts that average price of smartphone will be around 200EUR. Is is right I don’t know.

        Interesting in this poll is that there is nothing said about “for what”? We do not know any specs, nothing about dual sim, nothing about keyboard, RAM, screen size, glass of screen, body (polycarbon, plastick, metal), pentaband or not, proc/cores, camera 41Mpix or maybe more, connectors, docking station, backup with desktop, connection to desktop etc.etc. – we know nothing. Only that “screen is bigger then 3,5″. So, what for we are to pay any money? Every person taking part in this poll vote for price of own imagination of what Jolla will be/have. So this is poll about how deep is your disposal resources which you want to spend on whatever it will be a mobile. 400-500EUR it is about Nokia N9 initial price. If production powers are limited this can be reasonable, but if it is intended for a very massive product then this is to much I suppose.

        Perhaps: Jolla need 2 or 3 initial models: 1 all-having-big-boss-to-rule-them-all expensice, and simple one and quite cheap like Asha 501.

  7. Depends pretty much on the features.
    If it comes with all that stuff current Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung phones are offering, like LTE, GPS large OLED, high resolution, long battery life, good camera and so on, I`m willing to pay the same a BB Q10/S4/Lumia928 would cost – 600-700 Euro.
    If it comes with less hardware specs, I`ll pay less. If it turnes out to only be a relabled Nokia 950, I`d probably not pay more thann 350-400 Euro.

  8. Depends on whether it has a physical qwerty keyboard. I would pay even 800 euros if it had a landscape-mode physical qwerty keyboard(similar layout than N950 or N900), but only about 200 euros without physical qwerty keyboard.

  9. So if the initial phone release for purchase can’t be done direct off the internet to my home address, does it mean I need to wait for a dealer or reseller to get their backsides into gear to pick up the agency then Wholesale it out to resellers for me to collect from them. I could be waiting a long time.

    • Hi Rick, my prediction for the pre-order is you choose your options and then the handset is shipped direct to you later when it’s ready because it is more of a custom choice not like shop standard options. There still will be a waiting period of course between the pre-order and when you get your finished handset, but this waiting time will be made clear at the pre-order for your consideration.

  10. It depends on the specs… great Camera,sound etc, but I would never buy a phone with a 4 MB camera, today, even if the price i less than 200 e.

  11. If it has a hw keyboard, then I’d say 300 euros would be right. It’s the first one, so there are some risks also for the user (bugs, support, apps…). We’ll see!

  12. i will pay 300 euro even if it came with single core.but anything more than that,the specs must justify that for me tl consider