The End Of Nokia As We Know It…

Wowee – I’ve spent this morning frantically reading around all the latest news on Microsoft’s recent announcement for acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division trying to make head and tail of the whole sordid affair.

After first finding out the news, I was in a state of shock, feeling cheated, unable to comprehend a world without the Nokia of old that has been with me for all of my mobile journey through thick and thin.

But the more I read, a sense of calm resolution prevails and the more I am coming around to the idea of a great new start for Nokia without the shackles that had been inflicted by Microsoft for some 2 years now.

From a consumers point of view, the new Nokia looks a little stripped down and possibly uninteresting, but if you look closer at the parts of the business Nokia have retained you start to see that clearly they have clung on to some really profitable parts of the business.  They have retained most of their all-important patents which they will license to MS, the HERE mapping division (also licensing to MS), the recently acquired highly profitable Nokia Siemens Network and their advance technologies division.

The stipulation with Microsoft states that they will not be able to produce a (competing) mobile handset until 31st December 2015, after which they are free to do what they like.

Nokia will also be very buoyant financially after the deal takes place in early 2014 raising a further 5.44 billion Euros from the deal with Microsoft.

As someone who hasn’t been completely inspired by the new Lumia range instead preferring the Nokia of old (Symbian; Maemo; MeeGo), I find myself breathing a big sigh of relief knowing that the cat is finally out of the bag, safe in the knowledge that I jumped ship to Jolla when I did.

Jolla to me represent all that was great about Nokia of old but only without the politics or bloated feeling of a company that had become so large and corporate that it had lost touch with the ‘connecting people’ slogan it seemed happy to align itself with.   In fact, in this sense, Jolla are polar opposites of MS-era Nokia – a young streamlined, stripped down company, raring to go and ready to listen to all of us.

Jolla are the new hope for us and perhaps maybe we could see some collaboration with the ‘new’ Nokia in future…. I would personally love to see Jolla getting some Nokia Maps goodness or Pureview poetry onto their new handsets at some point in the future!

Final thought: It’s clear that after the deal takes place, Nokia will be well positioned financially to invest heavily in Jolla if they so desire and when the shackles are lifted by the end of 2015, perhaps we might even see a Nokia phone running Sailfish come to market – what do you think of that idea ?

Nokia of old may you rest in peace and thanks for all the amazing products you brought us over the years, I will truly miss you.

Long live Jolla!

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  1. I would get a Jolla Pureview phone the day it comes out. I am quite sure that this will eventually happen sooner or later, regardless of the Microsoft deal (Windows Phone would have been kicked off Nokia soon in any case).

    • There’s nothing stopping Jolla from licensing the HERE maps suite from Nokia but they may already have their own solution. The pureview tech maybe more complicated – we’d need to first find out the finer details…

      • I sincerely hope Jolla do licence Nokia Here. Anything remotely less capable than Nokia Maps/Here would be unacceptable and not help Jolla establish a good reputation for their product.

        • May be not what they develop in future but all present pureview camera technology patents belongs to Nokia Corporation.
          As part of the Nokia-Micrososft Transaction, MSFT is a licensee to it but that is non- exclusive so Nokia has no restriction to license it to others and that means Jolla too can access those Nokia imaging 3A algorithms, imaage processing algorithms, Sensor technologies, OIS, lens design etc…
          These are all Nokia patents but what the imaging team does post transaction at MSFT is purely MSFT property.

          I am very sad and heart broken that Nokia design team is also going to MSFT. Nokia design is a horizontal function like CTO office and could have been preserved as a design consultancy but i am surprised why they bundled design team along with Devices and Services unit.

            • Yes i was following him on twitter but do u have any idea about Axel Meyer, he is like a design God to me. I saw him during the n97 campaign, Nokia used to dominate the market. In Linkedin i saw him as part of emerging platform and isn’t that part of CTO Office collaboration with NRC. It would be great to have confirmed on his position in Nokia.

  2. I don’t think anyone is really surprised that Microsoft has now bought Nokia after (Trojan) Elop deliberately drove Nokia into the ground and enabled it to be bought for a fraction of it’s former value.

    I think the situation could be very positive for Jolla.

    • -1 that
      comment perfectly to the point but the news is simply too said.
      upside: @$$O of Flop is gone (from NOKIA; he is an honorary vice-president from now on)
      one might even dream that Flop will indeed become Blamer’s successor and bankrupt m$ >¦-)))))))))) not that there isn’t the remote possibility that this could happen even without Flop’s skills :D

  3. “a young streamlined, stripped down company, raring to go and ready to listen to all of us.”
    …like they’ve listened to all our qwerty requests with a clear, concise answer?

    Honestly while I do want to feel like you do, and want to think jolla is our awesome savior, let’s not kid ourselves, they’ve been less than forthcoming about many details surrounding sailfish and the jolla phone:
    – no clear answer on qwerty
    – no clear answer on support duration, and especially compatibility and upgrades to the android layer
    – no clear answer on “will we be able to get newer sailfish versions, or since the UI is proprietary we’ll be stuck with whatever version was last put out for our device”
    – …

    I wish them the best, and I’m hoping they don’t disappoint us, but I think you’re kidding yourself a bit with your description of the company.

    • Because they’ve not answered questions they themselves may not know the answers to or may not be able to answer currently because of competitive pressures or contractual agreements, they’re “not listening?

      Really? I think you’re being overly critical here. Patience. They’re a few months off a release yet.

  4. “Jolla to me represent all that was great about Nokia of old but only without the politics or bloated feeling of a company that had become so large and corporate that it had lost touch with the ‘connecting people’ slogan it seemed happy to align itself with. In fact, in this sense, Jolla are polar opposites of MS-era Nokia – a young streamlined, stripped down company, raring to go and ready to listen to all of us.”

    Great! you have summed up what is now jolla for us!

  5. the best way this could pan out… Flop gone
    the deal is rejected but thankfully NOKIA got ride of that @$$O
    who knows, maybe it’s a trick of the NOKIA board to get ride of that !@#$%& ?!?
    he is a honorary VP from now, the deal gets rejected, and Flop is gone ¦-)

    • Interesting analysis Claude although I can’t see that happening – unless the Finnish government have a reason to dispute the deal which is unlikely given Microsoft’s commitment to invest in local economy… but then again, who knows.

      Even though we could all see this coming, this is a very sad day and is only sinking in for me now the shock is turning to denial.

  6. This is very good news for JOLLA ! Finns are very patriotic and we might see jolla taking nokia’s place in finnish market. Granted, finnish market isn’t huge, but could provide more sales for jolla. More sales, more money to develope product/s…

      • I have preordered two Limited Editions, one for me and another for my wife. After this sad news (yea, it’s kind of sad news for us, Finns), it feels great that we chose Jolla. Luckily my wife has good tase too (Jolla was her choise from multible other phones, including ex Nokia ones)…

        • I know how you must be feeling – I’ve been in shock most of today and even slightly emotional. Nokia have been a part of my life since the early 90’s and this is a very sad day.

          I realise reading back the post I wrote this morning that I was really trying to be upbeat in the face of adversity and maybe it doesn’t come across very sympathetic, but I of course feel great sadness as I’m sure many people do across the globe.

          When I wrote it I was still almost in disbelief, denial but now the plain facts are sinking in and I’m feeling the affect.

    • As a Finn I don’t recognized my self patriotic in that sense.

      Americans are patriotic, what ever comes from theirs homeland is the best there is, even though it is not. But as a owner of the all mighty N9 and the lousy iPad (besides apps) I think that Jolla is the best thing that has happened since the bread came sliced.

    • Unfortunately most Finns are not very patriotic. Look at the market share of Nokia phones vs competition in Finland. Sure, Nokia’s market share in home turf is substantial but not extra ordinary.

      That being said, how much Jolla pre-sales were? 50K? Jolla could easily get another 50K sales from Finns alone. Sign me up.

  7. As it is, I think the deal is good for Nokia and “bad” for MS. No matter what, windows phone will never take off. At least in the coming years. Market share keeps declining and has never stopped. Now, Nokia is free again and Jolla has the whole of Finland to engage as our beloved Nokia is now gone (I have no doubt that would be the case anyway but now Jolla is regarded as a hero :) ).

    And finally no more bullshit from Elop. I hope we’ll never have to hear from that lying two-faced moron ever again!

    • And i hope we never have to hear from Ollila and Kallasvuo either, in the end they’re the ones responsible for this mess.

  8. Nokia is dead at least the Nokia we all knew and loved. This does allow them to interact with Jolla much closer though. The mapping software for the Jolla phone has never really been discussed and I had a feeling that Nokia was involved in some sort of way. With Microsoft buying Nokia devices, I fully expect Jolla to announce in the near future what the mapping software is on their handset. Google makes a lot of money off of it as well as insight to where and what the consumer does. This is also why Apple got into it as well; it all comes down to big data.

    I also expect to see WP to lose additional market share because of this. Why would HTC and Samsung even bother with WP devices anymore? Google can get away with selling their own handset that competes with its partners. Microsoft, well, they are no Google and HTC and Samsung will probably halt any future devices and quickly get rid of what they currently have.

    This was also the plan Elop had all along; look at everything he did. Also look that Jolla was able to license Nokia patents for their phone. Microsoft is also getting into a market that only Apple is is; selling a device with their OS. I’m not counting Google here as the majority of the devices come from their partners. Can Microsoft make a go of this where others have struggled? Look at Bada, not a huge seller for Samsung. With Firefox OS, Ubuntu and Jolla Sailfish all coming out soon, why would anyway want to be in this market? Recent sales (which could also be the expectation of a new iPhone) of the iPhone have been sluggish as well.

  9. Nokia finally got rid of Microsoft that appears to have forcibly taken over by getting at least one, if not several, financial analysts to make fun of Meego. Maybe the buyout was planned in the beginning but was only possible through that Trojan horse because of laws. All is fair in business and war? Did Europe decide to oust the invading Americans? I had Windows Mobile 2003 and 2005 devices and they were nightmares of poor software design. Nokia essentially create a standard made of license free PySide, Qt, QML, and other Qt tools. This is the basis for creating somewhat quickly applications and borrowing from the work of others through open source. At least if there are nightmares, they will be correctable. Nokia’s tools are found in the highly useful WinPython and Canopy which also include a large number of very important Python utilities for Finance and Science which will continue to grow. Other such systems may exist or emerge. Was Microsoft trying to squash this swelling tide with its proprietary systems? HTML5 based systems are a mistake and that will become apparent as more of them are released. Samsung will probably not try to buy back Meego as they may be a proprietary company. They bought Boxee, a Python based system, but are apparently trying to make it proprietary. I have not looked in depth at iOS, Android or Windows 8 something, but they appear to be focused on people who have minimal ability to work with computers.

  10. Jolla compared to Nokia lacks a top grade Pureview camera. That could be accomplished on the back thing feature as an option.
    Also it is clear that now Nokia is free to sale an application for maps and navigation just as good as in Meego/Symbian/Windows Phone 7 and 8. This is not big deal to Nokia and they’re going to earn money by doing this. They also could do that for iOS, Android and I believe they’ll be working on it.

  11. No problem.

    Nokia’s Licensing Its Name To Microsoft, But It’s Free To Keep Building Hardware, And Could Even Dial Up To Mobile Devices Again By January 2016

  12. Thanks to Nokia’s unbelievable dumb move (well it was the Dumbest move in 2011 what they did) I now support you guys and hopefully get my hands on a Jolla device sooner than later. I’m sure you will see many ex-Nokia fans jumping to your boat so actually yesterdays announcement was a lottery win for you.

  13. It’s a pity Nokia handed over the PureView team, but are the patents therein still belonging to Nokia? It would be a dream if Jolla in the future could make handsets with this technology by licensing those patents. Hopefully Jolla will implement all nordic languages in menues.

  14. we need Nokia on jolla or nokia to buy jolla, throwing my 920 and using my n8 enough to deal until Nokia enters with new non-windows phone os. I’ll preorder now!!!!!

  15. I don’t think Elop was the problem. Let’s not kid ourselves here, Symbian was doomed as it had severe limitations. The main threat to Nokia came from Apple and Samsung, and those are still the main competition that Jolla faces and must face head on if it is to capture any more than a small band of committed followers. Being successful with the Finns is not enough as that doesn’t add up to a whole lot of people. And although the Pureview features would be nice and all, that in itself is not a big enough differentiator as Nokia has already discovered. No, the big differentiator for Jolla is the open source software, the ability to use (most? some?) Android apps, and on this first Jolla phone the “other half”. One thing I would say is that Jolla should offer all remaining Nokia employees an extra discount on the Jolla phone – having all those Nokia people then immersed in the Sailfish platform and technology might give Jolla a big boost right from the outset, as it could lead to Nokia licensing Sailfish for future projects.

    Actually the more I think about Nokia, the more I think that it’s future is not really in cellphones anymore. It is time for Nokia to reinvent itself again and produce something else in the Mobile technology field. If you think about this from Nokia’s point of view, they got badly burned by too much proliferation in the cellphone hardware market, which in any case let’s face it, has rapidly shrinking profit margins. The best thing Nokia could do would be to avoid smartphone production altogether now and focus on the development of new technologies and patenting these.

    • i am very bullish that Nokia will come out with awesome wearable technologies with partners like Vuzix and others.
      Nokia may do something with Vertu given their minority stake..i have this feeling and i see jolla getting some Nokia love also i have strong feeling Verth, Anssi Vanjokk and Frank Neuvo will get and show some serious Nokia love.

  16. If i was the finnish gouvernment or anti trust i would nstart an investigation. An ex MS CIO comes to NOKIA, decides that Windows should be used, despite the shareholders wishes for android and than few years later,,,, MS buys NOKIA Mobile and the CIO goes back to MS … sounds a bit weird eh…

  17. Well, Nokia keeps all of its’ patents and licences them on a non-exclusive basis to Microsoft.

    It keeps the two money-making business units: network and maps.

    In the same time, the company will no longer be tied to one exclusive OS, if it decides to go back on the device field.

  18. i see all this differently. i find most of the comments here are canned and based on emotion. to me this was meant to happen and started several years ago. nokia could have buried meego but they did not, they released it and its employees to what they wanted privately. nokia has always known its success this decade was in its other investments and programs. going to MS was a huge win for nokia as they now had a possible buyer. they negotiated the sale as though they were only walking away from the handset industry for a short time. when they are back they will be a more powerful entity one we all once knew. elop is not what you all make him to be. he is just a pawn that will end up having power in MS. it was just a grooming period and nokia was backing it for a possible sale.

    nokia could have done a lot worse. if they stuck with meego and symbian and not had the power of MS behind them BB would be #3 right now and nokia would no longer have any sales in NA. instead they proved to MS that nokia was what they needed to continue windows phone. they made nokia worth buying and not cheaply either. this is a huge success story that will continue and hopefully will include Jolla being successful as well.

    unlike some other companies and their customers nokia needs all of its competitors to survive. they are never trying to bury another company and unlike others prefers to lease its patents.

    i support Jolla and sailfish. i also support windows phone. if they can get over the bugs and survive googles tactics they will be a great platform. i own a nokia e6 and a lumia 920. will always have my e6 but will gladly give Jolla a turn as well.

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