The End Of Nokia As We Know It…

Wowee – I’ve spent this morning frantically reading around all the latest news on Microsoft’s recent announcement for acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division trying to make head and tail of the whole sordid affair.

After first finding out the news, I was in a state of shock, feeling cheated, unable to comprehend a world without the Nokia of old that has been with me for all of my mobile journey through thick and thin.

But the more I read, a sense of calm resolution prevails and the more I am coming around to the idea of a great new start for Nokia without the shackles that had been inflicted by Microsoft for some 2 years now.

From a consumers point of view, the new Nokia looks a little stripped down and possibly uninteresting, but if you look closer at the parts of the business Nokia have retained you start to see that clearly they have clung on to some really profitable parts of the business.  They have retained most of their all-important patents which they will license to MS, the HERE mapping division (also licensing to MS), the recently acquired highly profitable Nokia Siemens Network and their advance technologies division.

The stipulation with Microsoft states that they will not be able to produce a (competing) mobile handset until 31st December 2015, after which they are free to do what they like.

Nokia will also be very buoyant financially after the deal takes place in early 2014 raising a further 5.44 billion Euros from the deal with Microsoft.

As someone who hasn’t been completely inspired by the new Lumia range instead preferring the Nokia of old (Symbian; Maemo; MeeGo), I find myself breathing a big sigh of relief knowing that the cat is finally out of the bag, safe in the knowledge that I jumped ship to Jolla when I did.

Jolla to me represent all that was great about Nokia of old but only without the politics or bloated feeling of a company that had become so large and corporate that it had lost touch with the ‘connecting people’ slogan it seemed happy to align itself with.   In fact, in this sense, Jolla are polar opposites of MS-era Nokia – a young streamlined, stripped down company, raring to go and ready to listen to all of us.

Jolla are the new hope for us and perhaps maybe we could see some collaboration with the ‘new’ Nokia in future…. I would personally love to see Jolla getting some Nokia Maps goodness or Pureview poetry onto their new handsets at some point in the future!

Final thought: It’s clear that after the deal takes place, Nokia will be well positioned financially to invest heavily in Jolla if they so desire and when the shackles are lifted by the end of 2015, perhaps we might even see a Nokia phone running Sailfish come to market – what do you think of that idea ?

Nokia of old may you rest in peace and thanks for all the amazing products you brought us over the years, I will truly miss you.

Long live Jolla!

Image used courtesy of MyNokiaBlog



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