11 High Priority Apps For Sailfish

There are a few apps that are deemed almost imperative for an ecosystem to survive in this day and age – they are what we might call the umbrella apps that have a lasting impact on the entire ecosystem and its potential for mainstream success.

Once a platform has proved it can get these ‘big names’, it not only gives potential buyers confidence that the platform is worth investing in but also very importantly, the developers.

Of course there are countless other apps which make a platform, but these IMO represent the ‘must haves’, or staples that we have come to expect from any major platforms.


Twitter:   Of course Twitter is now a staple in all smartphone operating systems and would naturally be expected without hesitation.

Potential for Sailfish ?  A Given

We may expect to see some integration here with the Sailfish OS but would easily settle for a solid native app with all the usual bells and whistles.


Facebook:  Facebook is again another top priority and a ‘must have’ application that is expected on any successful platform.

Potential for Sailfish ?  A Given

We have already seen firsthand that Sailfish benefits from some very deep integration with Facebook showing some neat tricks available straight out of the box.   A native or ported standalone app may also be expected.


Satnav/Maps/Public transport:  All of the big platforms have some kind of mapping software to their name whether it’s Nokia’s HERE maps, Google maps or Apple maps – this is a feature that has changed from a selling point to an expected part of a modern smartphone.

Potential for Sailfish ?  Very Strong

The most probable is Google maps being run through the Android compatibility layer.  There is also the option of using some open source mapping software, but could Jolla surprise us by licensing something like HERE maps from Nokia ?  Offline navigation would additionally be a very attractive proposition.

angry birds

Top game titles:  These days, any successful platform should have a strong showing of top title games (Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Wheres my water, Words with friends etc etc).

Potential for Sailfish ?   Very Strong

Again with Android app compatibility layer, we should expect to see a large number of titles available although it would be great to see some native games coming through as Sailfish builds its user base and game developers take heed.


Whatsapp:  A cross platform messaging app that has become another go to app for many as it integrates with your phone number/contacts with some nice features available such as attaching photos, voice recordings and now even video.   Whatsapp is free for the first year but will cost 0.99cents/year after that.

Potential for Sailfish ?   Very Strong

With Yappari and Wazzap both available on the N900/N9 respectively, consider that it’s virtually a given.  We may even see a few options available with the Android compatibility layer.


Youtube:  A good solid Youtube viewer would be expected.  Some integration would be great (ie. uploads) and the possibility of downloading videos would also be very attractive.

Potential for Sailfish?   Very Strong

Cutetube developers have confirmed they will be porting their app over which includes viewing and downloading (audio/audio+video) options.  Cutetube also offers Vimeo/Dailymotion facilities.  Whether we will see some deeper integration with Sailfish for uploads direct from the phone remains to be seen although would be hoped for.   Possibly expect some other native ported QT apps and potentially an Android spin off as well.


Music:  All major platforms have a way to listen to your music of choice whether that’s via a streaming service such as Spotify/Grooveshark/Deezer or some other service (eg. amazon) that allows you to download individual albums.   There are also many Radio services to consider which may hopefully find there way to Sailfish such as TuneIn.

Potential for Sailfish?  Strong

MeeSpot and Qspot are potential port options for Spotify fans and we may see any number of other services made available – it would be nice to have some native apps that integrate with the central music player and allow for offline playback.



People have become well accustomed to using ebay on the move with some great apps available for the ever popular auction site on all the major platforms now.

Potential for Sailfish?  Medium

With no obvious Qt ebay apps for porting, we would hope that an Android app could be ported to work well through the compatibility layer on the Jolla phone.  It would be nice to see a native Sailfish ebay app at some point to benefit from a deeper integration with eg. notification centre.


Good Browser:  The native browser is important to get right for any major platform with a combination of speed, compatibility and responsiveness all imperative to the average user.

Potential for Sailfish?  Very Strong

With a rich history of decent browsers in the N900/N9, we are expecting something good here and probably a few options (maybe Fennec/Firefox/Opera etc ?) aside from the native browser.   Don’t expect Flash, but expect a very streamlined, fast native browser.  Let’s hope for a souped up MicroB style browser with plugins (adblocker), download management and other frills.


Skype (and others like Viber):  Love it or hate it, for a lot of people Skype is very important for business, social or just catching up with long lost family across the globe.  It’s a fact that if you can get Skype on your platform, you are on the road to attracting a wider potential user base.

Potential for Sailfish ?  Medium

The N900, N9 and indeed Ubuntu touch all have full Skype integration so there is a strong possibility we could see Skype on Sailfish.  Whether it is a standalone Android app version running through Sailfish’s inbuilt compatibility layer and/or a ported standalone Symbian version and/or indeed a fully integrated plugin version as seen on the N900/N9 remains to be seen.


Netflix (and others like Lovefilm/Amazon streaming):   Again, a love it or hate it affair, Netflix has been notorious for its avoidance of certain major platforms (Symbian, BB10, Meego), but remains one of the best mobile streaming applications for a variety of movies/TV series for those happy to pay for their content.

Potential for Sailfish ?  Medium

Running on Silverlight, it’s highly unlikely the Sailfish browser will be compatible with Netflix out of the box, but there may be potential here for running an Android version of Netflix through the inbuilt compatibility layer.


That’s my opinion of what the top 11 apps should be from an average Europeans perspective… I know there are many other apps out there which are equally important but these I would say are priority to get on a new ecosystem in order to get the biggest amount of interest from day 1.  I’m also certain that other markets (China, India, USA etc) may vary where some alternative services have higher priority.

Obviously some kind of Office Suite also ranks very highly (although left off due to limitations with use on smartphone), and others like e-book readers, flashlight etc etc but I had to stop somewhere.

Maybe I missed something major or maybe you disagree with my priority top 11 for the average European user – let me know either way!  Also let me know if you live outside Europe and value a different set of priority apps. :-)

For further information on Sailfish app progression, check out this thread at maemo.org:   http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=90245

EDIT: It goes without saying we expect excellent email, calendar, weather clients out of the box with Sailfish.  The angle here is more on 3rd party applications.


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