Jolla Handset: Night Shot Revealed

Antti Saarnio posted yesterday some new photos taken with his Jolla phone using the camera in normal mode and in night mode revealing some pretty decent results!

These are the very first leaked photos we are seeing surface now that have been taken with the Jolla prototype handset.

The first photo is taken of some Jelly Fish in – we assume – ‘normal’ mode and you can see the lack of colour being substituted for a blue wash effect here which is normal for an image taken without any setting adjustments in a dark situation.  Click for an enlarged version:


The second shot is the more revealing of the two as it really shows what the Jolla handset is capable of in a low light situation in night mode (according to Saarnio). Again the shot is of the same subject:

Photo taken using 'night mode'

Photo taken using ‘night mode’

Note the excellent contrast and colour reproduction here and we’re not sure if the subjects are real Jelly Fish (ie. moving around in an aquarium) or just a static poster image.  If the former, and there is indeed movement, it would explain the slight subject blur in the second image over a longer exposure to capture the extra light.  If the image is of a static poster with Jelly Fish as the subject, the slight blur could be attributed to long exposure combined with slight hand shake assuming the shot was taken by hand and not mounted on a tripod.

Either way, the results are most impressive and something for the mobile camera buffs to get excited about. :-)

The last shot shows the Jolla camera in an ordinary daylight setting which is always a good test for finding out how well the camera performs in an ‘everyday’ well lit situation.

The photo was apparently taken by co-founder Marc Dillon according to Jolla Users and can be seen below:

Daylight test

Daylight Test

The daylight photo looks very good overall with the main subject in very good focus and realistic colour rendition on the whole.

Bear in mind that all of these photos will have been compressed for uploading so there may be a loss in the image quality from the original image files.  Also, these images have been taken by prototype devices so there may be changes made in the final production devices.

The news that the Jolla is able to handle good low light shots is really fantastic being that most mobile shooters (with a few exceptions) suffer with overall poor ability to capture night scenes.

Let’s hope that now we’ve seen the first few images surface for the very first time that we’ll get a chance to see more of what the camera can offer over the coming months!

What do you think of these very first few images and the night mode capabilities ?

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