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In related news, it appears that there have been a few other newsworthy topics to discuss for us open source fans out there which I’d like to impart.

The first is a push to make Symbian open source.  Since Nokia abandoned Symbian and decided to run with WP, there are a lot of folks out there who would like to see Symbian released into the wild for the community to self manage the OS and provide updates etc in lieu of the assumed lack of continued development from MS/Nokia.

MyNokiaBlog reports that there is now a campaign where interested party’s can sign a petition to release the software to the open source communities.

The petition can be found here:

The campaign states:

Since Nokia cancelled all firmware updates for their Symbian phones & Microsoft probably has no intention to keep Symbian OS, because they are concentrating on Windows Phones,



Symbian OS still provides the base for many tens of millions of users worldwide (e.g. numbers from “Statcounter – Global Stats”). A lot of these people have trusted Nokia as their phone provider for over 20 years. Android, Symbian’s biggest competitor in mobile OS, already has open source projects and allows development and distribution all over the world, and I would like to see Symbian opened up on a similar basis, for ongoing work by professional and hobbyist programmers.



Shortly after writing an article on reviving my old dog N900 a campaign of a different sort started on one of the threads at


This project is of a slightly different sort and plans to provide a follow up successor to the N900 by utilising a hardware board already in existence, namely GTA04.

The Neo900 project aims to provide a Fremantle (Maemo™ 5) compatible successor of N900, with faster CPUmore RAM and LTE modem, basing efforts on an already existing, mature and stable free platform – the OpenPhoenux GTA04.

In terms of the specs, the project aims to maintain the original hardware features which made the N900 so versatile but upgrade them to bring them up-to-date:


The price will be dependent on the uptake with higher quantities ordered yielding a more reasonable end-user price.

A new website for the Neo900 and more details can be found here: or on their facebook page here:

Are you supporting either of these campaigns?


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  1. First of all I would like to thank you for revivng the one and only the monster N900 which is obviously still remaining in our hearts and still using it.

    Secondly in a nut shil the specifications are so week and not encouraging meanwhile all competitors are providing there handsets with good eqiups.. Neo900 is not that much supportive and should the specs be considered again and enhance them

    • This has been explained a gazillion times, go to the thread at TMO & read the main posts there. They explain everything, including why having the latest/greatest l337 specs aren’t a option.

    • OMAP3 addr space: 1GB
      OMAP4 fremantle compatibility: 0
      nuff said, read the words in this very article, up there^^^

  2. In principle, Neo900 is a nice idea.
    But I don’t see the point in going for Fremantle/Maemo compatibility. It would make more sense to go for Mer nowadays.

  3. Neo900: Wow, perfect, where can I sign?!?!

    When reading about ideas and specs for Jolla, I’m thinking how it should be, and always back to “N900 with more memory, CPU and network bandwidth”, so this is pretty much my dream phone (possibly) come true. Pixel-accurate resistive screen, transreflective display for perfect sunlight visibility, IR transmitter (even receiver in Neo!), decent HW keyboard as standard, no stupid OS limitations, who could match that? Wouldn’t mind a bigger screen and more resolution, but if I can just replace the motherboard of one of my N900s, I’m fine with the trade-off. Will get the Jolla anyway, might take a while until Neo900 will be a usable everyday phone. N900 has been my everyday phone since 2010, nothing on the market currently I wouldn’t consider a downgrade – but could be a bit faster..

  4. “community-powered”? No thanks, but – no. Even openness and upgraded HW cannot hide the fact that FOSS SW is, for most parts, always a decade behind. (See app catalogs for Maemo5).
    If there is no existing commercial interest and a certain-size ‘customer/potential customer’ base, things tend to be, aside from a few outstanding apps, left unpolished and half-assed. (what to expect for free/donations only? Probably i would work on projects in my spare time also just a few days a month, if ever)

    So, good luck for the HC followers which don’t mind quite a few things, taken as granted now elsewhere, simply will probably never work or fully supported on this or other ‘supposedly-open’ platforms.
    When even ex-Maemo kernel devs now develop for Android, as observed on F-Droid… funny fact.