New Theory: Poppy Red = Actually Not Red Colour ?

Okay, I’ve been doing some research on the poppy red coloured back “exclusive other half” that will be supplied as an extra half with the 100 Euro pre-order and all is not what it may seem…

This is speculation but with full evidence from Jolla themselves in a video showing the other half colour options as you’ll find out below.

Now typically when you think of ‘poppy red’, you imagine the colour in the image below:

Typical 'poppy red' colour from the red Papaver rhoeas or Red Poppy

Typical ‘poppy red’ colour from the red Papaver rhoeas or Red Poppy

But it was while watching through this video earlier from #JollaLoveDay, fast forward to around 40 seconds in) when I had my ‘Eureka’ moment:

Now in the video, it’s clear you can hear Chief Designer Martin state “this is what Marc uses called Poppy Red” when he pulls out the ‘orange’ coloured other half.  Now if you also remember back at GMIC earlier this year, Marc gave us the first tease flash of the new Jolla handset on stage and guess what?  Yes, it was actually orange in colour too!

Also remember that there are other Poppy varieties most notably the Eschscholzia californica or California Poppy which is in fact this very orange colour which Marc Dillon displayed at GMIC.  Coincidentally, before Marc came to Finland, he worked in San Diego, which you guessed it is a major city in California!

California Poppy or

California Poppy or Eschscholzia californica is actually orange in colour unlike the traditional Red Poppy

So could the mix up in fact be that the colour Jolla have chosen to call ‘Poppy Red’ is in actual fact orange in colour and the same handset colour used in many of their press renders (which would also make more sense) like the one at the top of the stack in the image below:


So this orange colour (Poppy Orange?) I believe after considering all the facts to be in fact the correct colour that will be provided as the ‘Poppy Red’ option to all 100 Euro pre-orders. :-)

Maybe you knew this already but I certainly didn’t and I’m not sure whether the name is maybe slightly misleading if my facts are correct.  You only have to google poppy red to see that it is clearly a red colour like in the first image and not in fact the ‘orange’ colour Martin pulls out of the box at #JollaLoveDay.

Anyway, just thought I’d update you… but maybe I’m going colour blind with so much blogging?  Maybe this news makes your day? Or maybe you have another theory?

Maybe someone from Jolla can clarify (I’m sure they’re seriously busy though in preparation for the launch!).

Sail On!

EDIT: One of our readers “Michael” has just pretty much confirmed the ‘orange’ theory, if you click on his link below in the comments or in fact click on the official Jolla photo render link, Poppy Red is in fact the description before the .jpg extension:

Thanks Michael for the tip! :-)



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