Pre-Order Update: Email Roll Out; Handset Colour; Exclusive Other Half Details

It would appear that emails to pre-order customers are finally rolling out as more and more people around are excitably claiming they are receiving payment confirmations from Jolla.

In all of the excitement to the build up to the launch next week, we’ve had a tip-off from reader Maria regarding some finer details.

According to Maria, Jolla have set up a zendesk page for service and support here:

There you will also find more information on the finer details of the Jolla ‘package':

Which colour smart covers (The Other Half) are available at launch?

Currently, the only available colour is white. More covers will become available in due course.

Note: 100 EUR pre-booking customers from the May 2013 campaign are also entitled to an exclusive “The Other Half”, Poppy Red.

There has also been an update to the shipping information with shipments taking place by courier and shipping times as follows:

What’s the delivery time after completing my purchase in the webshop?

The expected delivery time is 3-4 weeks from completing the purchase. We will send invites to the webshop to all pre-booking customers in priority order.

So these facts go to answering a few more of the questions that have been coming up and you can visit the link above for more information. :-)

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