Sailfish: First Software Update 09/12/13

Andrebechet, one of our community mod’s brought this to our attention earlier on today, the news that Sailfish will get it’s first update since the launch on 27/11/13.

The source for the changelog is available here:

It appears that the update focuses mainly on bug fixes, but nevertheless shows signs that Jolla are not slowing down with the imminent festive season on our doorstep.

Here is a list of the changes we can expect:

Hi all,

SailfishOS gets its very first update today, version
(Laadunjärvi). It is mainly a bug fix release aimed at improving the
stability and usability of the OS. Here are the highlights of the
improvements this release brings to your Jolla phone:

* WLAN password input improvements
* WLAN connection possible to change directly from one hotspot to
  an other
* Notification banner visible when checking updates without internet
* USB MAC address does not change anymore between connections in
  developer mode
* Mobile data switch status (toggle on/off) is shown on the Settings

* Items in Store feed view now have visual busy indication while
* Chinese comments are no longer presented as "?" characters
* Improved notifications when app download fails
* App grid now shows busy indicators or current status when leaving and
  reopening page
* Application downloads are now more resilient to failures 

* File receive dialog displays the name of the paired device correctly
* Improvements in BT pairing
* BT settings now responds to bluetooth daemon restart properly

Phone & Messages
* Phone now displays number labels (i.e. work/home/mobile) during
* DTMF tones are not skipped when user rapidly presses keys
* Fixed a case when incoming call is silenced and there is still sound
  played after call ends
* Improved contact matching in call logs when contacts imported from SIM
* Active cover shows contact names
* Visual improvements in call forwarding UI and supplementary services
* Support for sms: URL in Messages

* No more duplicated data in SIM contact import 
* Improved handling of contact card details including avatars
* Added address does not disappear any more from contact viewer screen
  after adding website information
* Stability improvements in People app during contact linking operation
* Performance improvements in Birthday plugin for contacts

* Removing a service account now removes related content from People app
* Account emits a signal when enabled / status changes
* Option to share to Facebook does not disappear anymore after adding an
  email account
* Facebook notification will not appear repeatedly anymore
* Disabling Facebook account removes Facebook from Events view
* IM accounts now connect without needing to reboot device, after
  adding them
* IM presence state persists now over reboot or changing connectivity 
* Improved Exchange account setup flow
* Improved interoperability with servers preferring unsupported EAS
  protocol 14.x 

* Audio and video are now in sync while playing youtube videos
* Browser does not crash when playing multiple videos

* New dedicated calendar alarm UI introduced which will show up with
  alarms added after the update.

Homescreen & notifications
* Events view wallpaper stays aligned with homescreen wallpaper
* Lock screen pulley menu shortcuts are not broken when device 
  lock is on
* In Events view, Share what's on your mind account grid shows 
  service icons
* Improvements to notification item layouts
* Sound feedback on battery empty shutdown
* Window titles for apps set 

* Content picker only has the search field when there is content
* Context menu is correctly updated with dynamic items
* The press effects in button and list items are unified
* Text linking matches numbers inside word boundaries
* QWindow::setTitle() is sent over Wayland
* DSME initial battery value is correct in bootup, or for shutdown
* Time and date changes persist over reboot
* DSME wakes from suspend to read HW temperatur and battery status
* USB mode notification does not offer Developer mode when developer
  mode is not enabled
* Device lock is not anymore set when you use "Clear device lock code"
* The device lock code is not asked when the value is the same than
* Password field does not flash last character in clear text
* Date picker correctly highlights selected date and shows proper  week
  numbers in January


There are some fairly important changes/fixes in there which should help streamline the overall operability of Sailfish for current users.

It’s nice to know that by the time pre-orders start getting into peoples hands, they can already look forward to some improvements to the functionality. :-)

Thanks to andre for tipping us and Jolla for their continued hard work! :-)

Sail On!



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  1. this is going to be a real kick-ass OS very soon. they said updates will be coming in frequently, and they’ve been right on track with all their schedules. I really admire that about Jolla, they never keep us waiting longer than they said. Making realistic time tables and getting things done on time is a work of great art

  2. They are working very hard to the feedbacks from enduser. They are the company who listen to customer, they are gonna rock the mobile OS world.

  3. It’s such great news – just to think by the time people get the pre-order deliveries, some more of the hard work to the OS will be finished. :-)

  4. Please remove Yandex! Leave only the Dalvik thing on place and give us the option which market we wanna chose (it’s not a big deal to install it ourselves). Or maybe we don’t want android markets at all, just to be able to sideload an apk from time to time.

  5. Humm… Never keep us waiting longer than they said.. You don’t think about shipping orders when you say that :/
    Well, I was hoping the “landscape” mode in the web browser would be enabled as a first update and maybe the wifi tethering as well… Let’s see what’s coming next.
    Till now, I’m not sure it will convnce me better than BB10 but I definitvely want to give it a try (well… I f I receive mine one day I eman).

  6. Great news! But what’s missing now is the phone itself! Ordered in June, paid in November and still no show!

  7. Nice to know that at least the tech team is working.
    People are starting to get angry at the unreasonable delays concerning EU deliveries.

    I do not understand the decision of serving Finnish customer first, it should depend exclusively on the order number.
    I am not the first one compared to Finnish people who pre-ordered during the second wave, because those who live in Helsinki can simply go to the shop and pick up their device this week.

  8. Got my phone yesterday and updated the firmware

    No built in file manage
    you can’t assign a ringtone to a contact. Your own ringtones only work if they’re in the music folder on the built in memory.
    The gallery crashes repeatedly,
    Yandex store is very poor (and only seems to work on a wi-fi connection)
    Location is very buggy – only picking up on wifi
    The media player allows you to play in order or shuffle – this is a pretty poor app, but there’s nothing in Yandex that you’d want to use (no Poweramp or similar)

    All in all, I’m not impressed

    • Try using aptoide – from my experience seems to work really nice and you could also try downloading the 1mobile app store.