Sailfish Running On N9 + Tutorial!

After so many requests for this in the past, it would appear that someone has finally got a flash of Sailfish to run on a Nokia N9! :-)

We heard the news via Munim at JollaUsers and it seems Mehran Nyk is to be thanked for this port tutorial, so thank you guys!

The tutorial is currently for those who know what they’re doing so please don’t attempt if you are uncertain.  This tutorial follows the obvious disclaimer that you may risk bricking your phone and voiding any warranty so attempt this at your own risk.

  • Remember this will not harm your Meego Harmattan (If done correctly). *Multi-Boot*!
  • You need to have Ubiboot Installed first
  • Remember you must already have made the OS Partition for this to work!
  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+T in your linux distro to launch the Terminal
  2. In a terminal type “sudo su” (this gives yo the superuser power)
  3. Now you need to have the harmattan flasher
  4. Head to the path of your zImage
  5. Type this “flasher -k zImage -n initrd-moslo -l -b”
  6. Now connect the phone.
  7. It will bring a green screen, here popup the Alt_OS partition
  8. If it has anything inside that partition just remove it.(You can use this command to do so: rm -rf /media/Alt_OS/*)
  9. Now you need the Sailfish Os image!
  10. Transfer it to your Alt_OS partition! (heres a command for that: time sudo tar –numeric-owner -xvf sailfishos_n9_1_0_0_5.tar.bz2 -C /media/Alt_OS/)
  11. Now once the files have been transferred, type these commands:
  • sync;sync
  • umount /media/Alt_OS


Congratulation You Now have Sailfish OS!






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  1. I think this is the best idea when you’re waiting for the Jolla phone. I will try it this week because I still don’t have a Jolla.
    Does someone know how many phones they produce every month?
    And because of the succes maybe they are also working on a second phone (that’s what I was thinking).
    Shortly: I want a Jolla phone and I think ibecause of the succes maybe it not everyone can order the first one but need to wait for the second one.
    What do you think?

    • They’ve already said they hope to update the hardware in the second half of 2014. If you’re impatient enough to try hacking a beta of sailfish with no android support, no maps and dodgy swipe support on to your n9, then waiting 7 to 12 months for an as yet unspecified Jolla 2 is going to be hard! :-)

      • I did not read it (about the next release) but it sounds great! And like you said a real Jolla sounds better than on the N9.

  2. Great news that sailfish will run on N9, but for those of us who are technically competent but not command-line geeks, is there more of a step-by-step guide available please (like remind me how to get into Linux distro and what to call the OS partition for instance)?

    • I would be cautious if you do not understand the procedure. The prerequisites of installing ubiboot are a touch intricate (and I’m no newbie!).

      Following that, it is quite straightforward, so I’ll give it a go and report back.

  3. I want to know if calling functions are working properly.. like speaker and microphone.. which was the issue with Android ports on N9