Unofficial OH 3D CAD Files Download!

Some clever person over at (dirkvl) has made available the 3D CAD file for Jolla’s other half design.

While Jolla are planning to release an other half developers tool kit with all the full official details, in the meantime, this might be worth looking at if you plan on making your own other half.

3D cad image


The full CAD files are available as a zipped RAR download from the following link:

This early leak could be perfect for any 3D print shops or enthusiasts out there who plan on making some different coloured other halves (or perhaps something altogether more compelling) to prepare a few prototypes in advance!

I’m not sure if these files are completely official or if they have been scanned by someone who owns the Jolla phone.  Either way, the tolerances may not be perfect, so don’t go printing off 1000’s of other halves before you’ve run a test prototype first at least (obviously)!

The next dimension of the Jolla handset draws ever closer to being not just attainable but something we can all potentially get involved with – are you planning on co-creating ?  If so, we would love to hear what you plan on making!

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