Boot Speed Tests: Sailfish Vs Android; IOS; WP8; BB10; Maemo SSU

In this set of videos we ran some boot speed comparisons to see which OS was the quickest to load pitting the Jolla phone against a number of other handsets.

We ran comparisons of Sailfish ( against BB10 (Z10); IOS6 (IPhone 4); WP8 (Lumia 620); Android Gingerbread (Wildfire S); Maemo SSU (N900).

Here are the results below to see which one was the ultimate winner:




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  1. Thanks for the tests, but I would have wanted to see Jolla boot time compared to Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy / Note or IPhone 5. Or even the Xtreamer mobiles.
    Jolla is with no doubt, very quick at booting, but the ones compared here are rather old and sluggish devices.

    • These are phones I’ve borrowed or own. Out of them, the Z10, Lumia 620 were released this year, the rest are older and I’m sure I mention that in the video.

      I appreciate it’s not always like-for-like testing, but this is what I had to hand. If I can get my hands on some others, I’ll definitely share my findings. ;-)

      If you want to test the phones you mention, why not get hold of those phones yourself, time the boot speed and post your findings for all of us here. :-)

      • Yeah, I appreciate that you took the time to make the comparisons but it’s really not meaningful to compare a 3-year-old phone with outdated OS to something that’s released a month ago. In addition the phones look like they have a lot of apps installed on them so there’s no knowing how much those affect the boot time either.

        • The time a telephone takes to boot is not among the most interesting parameters anyway. A fast boot is always better than a slow boot of course, but there are more interesting timing tests, e.g. the time it takes e.g. the web browser to open and load a non-trivial but not overly complex page (e.g. – not an entirely random choice), or the time it takes to load the e-mail client – under the same conditions of course, so the setups would have to be identical as far as possible.

          Most of the time the telephone stays on, so booting is something that’s rarely done. Starting one of the applications on the other hand, is something people normally do many times a day.

          Anyway, I agree that comparison the iPhone 4 is rather strange, but having said that it is interesting that the old iPhone starts almost as fast as a brand new telephone. Kudos to Apple.

  2. How do you got so quik bootup? I mean what setting do you have, since your Jolla won’t ask what connection to internet, you would like to use? Mine asks that in every boot, and it will took some time before mobile connection will even be there to choose. Sure if I wait it chooses mobile one which I tend to prefer.. Has this behvior something to do with ask pin code functionality?

  3. Thanks! No pin code solves this problem. Maybe a bug, since I see no reason to ask connection type only for the reason it asks pin.. Or what do you think? (I didn’t report that as a bug though, it’s easy to reproduce for everyone)…

  4. The boot time is exactly the same, between Jolla & Google Nexus 5. In fact, Google Nexus 5 was a tad faster….
    Price comparison. Jolla: 399 €, Google Nexus 5: 349 €. Both are 16 GB.
    Plus: Google has a huge App store. Jolla has also non-existent App store.
    Who will you choose?
    As for me, it was a Google Nexus 5.

    • FWIW, Jolla has access to most android apps on top of the native Sailfish app experience which grows by the day, and not forgetting the other half future capabilities which will add a new dimension.

      I personally far prefer the UI of Sailfish to Android, but hopefully we will see Sailfish ported to handsets like the Nexus 5 (already seen running on Nexus 4 & 7). In terms of specs, well Google is huge compared with Jolla so you can expect the Nexus to fair better in that area.

  5. My unbranded Lumia 710 boots in about the same time as the Jolla, a debranded phone would probably be a more accurate test.