Sailfish: Shown Running On Nexus 4

It has long been Jolla’s plan to make Sailfish available on other Android based hardware and it seems some enterprising sort has managed to get Sailfish OS running on the Google Nexus 4.   According to thejollablog the installation only took 2-3 minutes!

Enabling Sailfish on other Android hardware opens up a whole new range of devices for Sailfish to be enjoyed on and will certainly please many Android/Sailfish fans eagerly waiting for a Sailfish port.

As thejollablog also reports we have already seen Sailfish ported to a larger Android tablet (Nexus 7), which was proudly shown off by Jolla Chairman, Antti Saarnio a few weeks ago, showing that Sailfish can also be scaled up to run on much larger tablet-based devices.


The video created by youtube user sledges takes us through the setup stages on Sailfish and briefly shows the OS working on the Nexus 4.

What other Android devices would you like to see Sailfish running on ?

Sail On..




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  1. This is a good start, but I wish that one day soon phones and tablets will be like personal computers are now and we will be able to buy the hardware we like and install our OS of choice on it. Only then we will truly “own” our phones’ hardware.

    Even now it doesn’t seem so hard to achieve technically. There are many smartphone models but they are built from a relatively small choice of components. It seems feasible to reach a point where the installation wizard of a mobile OS detects the hardware and chooses the correct combination of components to build a tailored installation for the specific device.

    I would gladly pay, say $20-$50, for the OS if I can install it on a wide variety of devices. And, of course, I will also expect to be able to transfer the OS together with apps and data when I upgrade my hardware.