Sailfish: Running On Samsung Galaxy S3

Following on from our previous post, it appears that Jolla’s plans to make Sailfish available for other popular Android devices is really starting to gather some momentum now.

Jolla continues “behind the scene” works on making Sailfish compatible with as many devices as possible, starting with some very popular established Android models, which to date have included the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and now the Galaxy S3.

The advantage of having Sailfish running on your “X” android device would be the option to have a very lightweight yet powerful Linux-based OS (ie.Sailfish) which would take full advantage of the powerful hardware at your disposal.  Notably, Sailfish is renowned for being lightweight (ie. excellent battery life), superior multi-tasking and a very intuitive swipe-based user interface for navigation.  Not only this, but all your favourite “android” based-apps would still be on tap (should you require them) via the android compatibility layer.   Native apps are also steadily replacing some of the “must have” android apps as more and more developers board the Jolla boat.

The video below illustrates Sailfish running on the very popular Samsung Galaxy S3 handset.

For instructions on how to port Sailfish OS to your Nexus 4 see the previous post.





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