Jolla Available to Purchase at Amazon UK

Jolla expands every day and after releasing their phone in Estonia via Elisa it’s probably the rest of the world’s turn to experience Jolla at the cost of 330 British Pounds which is roughly the same price as the retail price of Jolla through their Webshop with an Euro or two difference when exchanging the currency.

You can purchase the phone from >> this link << and it doesn’t matter where you are located because it’s Amazon right? ;)

Also, if you don’t mind, please give Jolla a review on Amazon if you own the phone and are experiencing a nice time with it!

Have fun buying Jolla! ;) Oh and reviewing it!


Sepehr James Noori

James here, as you probably might know me from other Jolla websites. Have been Writing for nearly 2 years now and been following Jolla since the day 1. I'm a loyal N900 - N9 - Jolla owner/user.
Hope you enjoy my Writing!