Next Sailfish OS update is planned for Early June, Combining update 6 & 7

The news is official as we are waiting for the next Sailfish OS update which was planned for this month but apparently it is postponed to the next month for a good reason.

Firstly we were supposed to have 2 updates before Jolla sailors take their summer vacation, but then as we colsed up to the end of May and there were still no updates on our devices, Sailors decided to combine the two promised updates and send them off to our phones in the beginning of June which gives us about 2 weeks of waiting time.

As I quote Soumya Bijjal, Jolla’s software engineer:

Since the last update, we have worked on enhancing our releasing process to optimise development and integration of software. It has paid off and brought update 7 to testing earlier than expected. Weighing the pros vs cons, we have decided to directly release update 7, bringing you even more features and fixes. We believe it is the right decision.

We are currently in release candidate creation phase and expect to deliver the update in early June. While we continue to work on finalizing the update, please see below a glimpse of what you can expect with the combined update 6 and 7. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause.

Upcoming features

Happily, a very high demanded feature and a long awaited one in fact, is coming to Sailfish OS. It’s the calDAV feature that almost the entire Sailfish users were waiting for it!

We don’t know about the full list of bug fixes and features, and these are the features that are available at this moment. I don’t think it’s the full list! But let’s see how it goes.


Sepehr James Noori

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    • I hope you did find the bug that block the phone on incomming calls. It stresses, when the phone rings and you cant do anything.

  1. i hope only in two thinvs: a working bluetooth to transfer/receive files and a cure for the bug of the calls. for the rest thanks jolla.

  2. needed features…
    – save backup OUTSIDE of the device, either on SD card (as on Fremantle, able to choose device) or at least make the backup directory accessible when device is mounted on a windoooz PC (when connected with USB)
    – ability to access & backup ANDROID application data from windoooz PC (when connected with USB)
    Jolla claims to be Android compatible, but data is absolutely inaccessible…

    • The phone constantly rebooting or shutting down when I am in a low/no signal area is my main problem its doing it at least 5 times a day at the moment.

      • You might have to disable the auto update of date and time to get arid of that.. Worked for me like a charm because I was working at no signal // really low 2G area.

    • yes, the updates only require an internet connection (preferably a wi-fi one but a 3G connection works too, as long as it is stable (which 3G seems not always to be, thus…))