A Slightly Fishy Tale: Is Microsoft Planning To Add Android App Compatibility To Lumia ?

Well we read this earlier via MyNokiaBlog, and something smells decidedly fishy (well it actually has strong hints of ‘Sailfish’ to me, no?).

Twitter user @Eldar Murtazin has made a claim that Lumia devices will support a VM (virtual machine) so all Lumia devices will be able to access Android apps much in the same way that Sailfish already does with it’s excellent Alien Dalvik runtime.

There have been all kinds of rumours floating around this week that Microsoft are planning to release a “Lumia Android” device and this latest theory supports that to some extent.

It would appear that Microsoft might be planning to take a leaf out of Jollas book but to me it sounds a rather fishy tale and I find this a very strange move, if indeed it turns out to be fact.

Some history for the uninitiated:  Nokia originally decide not to go with Android as they insisted there was no room for them in the overcrowded Android market.  Instead they drop MeeGo and go with the one-horse Windows Phone race which proves… erm, well let’s say the horse hasn’t exactly cleared up at the races, although they have made some ground it has to be said.  They then seemingly do a u-turn and bring in the Nokia X series of budget phones in 2014 running a forked version of Android to compete with lower end Android devices. And now finally the rumour abounds they apparently have decided that Lumia/WP also needs Android apps running on it as well because the whole point of Windows Phone is to offer…. yes you guessed it… an Android experience.   Wow, this is all getting very confusing!

I’m still reeling with confusion over this news if it is indeed true and don’t really see what’s to gain… but really by this stage I’m feeling pretty indifferent, only that this gossip is fairly laughable at best.

I hasten to add that these so-called rumours floating around should be taken with a large pinch of salt at this stage, but do you really think this could be on the roadmap and if so what do you think about Microsoft taking a leaf out of the Sailfish book or like me do you feel indifferent?



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