[Tutorial] How to enable LPM Glance Screen on Jolla Phone

Low Power Mode is a very useful feature on today’s mobile industry and sadly it is only possible if a certain technology requirement is met.

Tho there are ways to resemble the feature on devices that do not have the actual technology on them

Basically, OLED or AMOLED displays are needed with a certain amount of memory to be able to show us an “always on” LPM screen since they can turn certain pixels on or off while remaining super power efficient and friendly to our batteries.

Worry not because even with an IPS panel featured on Jolla phone we have it enabled but on another possible way! How?

Let’s watch this video for a quick and complete tutorial: 

For enabling (In case you didn’t watch the video) you can use these codes below:

<Your Password> pkcon update
pkcon install mce-tools
mcetool --set-low-power-mode=enabled

And for disabling:

mcetool --set-low-power-mode=disabled

Shout out to Nicolas Suffys at JollaFR whom was the first one who made the tutorial, obviously in French but he was kind enough to ping me along and have me using his post.


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