Jolla update 8, Tahkalampi; Has been released!

At first Jolla said that they are going to stop sending out updates after their 7th update, but a few days after the 7th update dubbed Saapunki an email came to Sailfish devel mailing list telling us that the update 8 will also get released before their summer vacation in July and the following update will hit us by the end of August of beginning of September!

Yesterday was the day. Our phones gave us the update notification all of a sudden before any major “hype” that normally hits the community before any update.


Warning: Please be aware that Warehouse application won’t work after this update untill the openrepos developers release an update for the warehouse app.

  • Easily switch between open Android apps in the homescreen by tapping on their respective active covers i.e they are no longer grouped into one cover (experimental 1)
  • Add shortcuts to webpages in the app launcher area
  • Set separate synchronization schedules per mail account
  • Upload multiple files via Browser and be able to to filter files by file type during file selection
  • Define email signature and sender name per account
  • Save unsent messages as drafts when messages app is pushed to background
  • Search word auto-completion in Jolla Store
  • Use stroke input method for writing in Chinese
  • Define an end date when creating/modifying recurring calendar events
  • Artist search support in Media player

This feature is experimental. You may face some issues while interacting with open Android apps, for e.g while running concurrent apps playing audio, closing apps that have been in the background for days etc.


  • New version of tutorial app for beginners
  • Improved “Get your content” page in the Startup wizard
  • New version of the connectivity stack
  • Enhanced day view: sparser background, support for 12h clock, all-day events shown right aligned near the top right corner when active
  • App cover no longer displays already occurred events
  • ‘Edit’ option is now available in the context menu (in addition to ‘Delete’)
  • Fixes kernel vulnerabilities CVE-2014-0196, CVE-2014-2851 and CVE-2014-3122
  • Displays top categories (Apps, Games, Jolla, Marketplaces) in the landing page and access sub-categories using left flick
  • Displays OS update size before downloading the update
  • Sorts “My apps” in alphabetical order
  • Enhanced layout for accounts settings
  • Displays account status information (disabled/not-logged in) and sync status of newly created accounts in the accounts overview page
  • Allows disabling/enabling accounts from the context menu on the accounts listed in the accounts overview page
  • Checks for missing profiles before doing a profile sync, and only syncs the required profiles
  • Improved HTML email viewer
  • Ensures email accounts are automatically enabled/disabled if Mail app is installed/uninstalled
  • Email signature and sync settings options removed from Mail app settings, instead can be set from the corresponding account settings
  • Updates default protocol used from version 12.0 to 14.0
  • Improves handling of provision policy checks
  • Implements reliability fixes to call duration logging
  • Does not force minimized calling view to foreground during an active call
  • A third incoming call (waiting call) is now handled properly when there are already two calls active
  • DTMF tones and other indicator tones played during the voice call now follows the voice call volume
  • Increases opacity and font size for message legibility
  • Sharing options list layouts have been polished
  • Improves detection of suitable Bluetooth devices for file sharing by checking whether the device offers ‘Object Transfer’ service.
  • GPS is now disabled only when all Android apps exit
  • Application data for Android applications that are no longer installed will be cleaned up on boot
  • CalendarProvider support added, Citrix GoToMeeting app no longer crashes
  • Improves keyboard opening/closing transition
  • Fixes device name to “Jolla” and displays it correctly in the Spotify Devices list
  • Hides native keyboard when Android runtime surface loses focus
  • Improved implementation of time zone information retrieval


  • Virtual keyboard pops up even though HW keyboard is connected via Bluetooth
  • Unable to change the layout of the Bluetooth enabled hardware keyboard (default is US layout)
  • Facebook account may need re-signing in on first boot after the upgrade
  • WLAN positioning does not work when internet sharing is enabled
  • In some very rare occasion, sending SMS might not work, only a reboot fixes this issue
  • Some GPS crashes might occur on both native and Android applications
  • Search slider doesn’t work on the 1st video taken from camera. Adding another video solves the issue
  • Sometimes backups are not fully restored, a new trial usually fixes the issue
  • Running concurrent Android apps playing audio is still experimental, for the time being we recommend to only use one at a time


  • [BUG] 2 Jolla accounts
  • [BUG] Cannot create Google account if Email app is not installed
  • [BUG] Account reverts to not-signed-in status if settings are changed after re-signing in
  • [BUG] Can’t access my facebook account after updating to (release)
  • [BUG] Facebook account: credentials issue, needed to sign in again
  • [BUG] Connection dialog incorrectly pops up when updating new Twitter of Facebook account for the first time.
  • [BUG] jolla-settings-accounts.ts refers to some translation IDs without Engineering English entries
  • [BUG] Google account: credentials issue, needed to sign in again
  • [BUG] Updating sign-in credentials of Jolla account with incorrect username/password deletes the account!
  • [BUG] Store app claims that there’s no Jolla account even though one exists
  • [BUG] Deleting a contact from Exchange (or Google) does not delete it from device
  • [BUG] Problems with Exchange contacts sync after protocol version switch
  • [BUG] Contacts sync fails with large number of contacts
  • [BUG] Front camera upside down in Android apps
  • [BUG] Android application windows don’t respect the switcher ordering
  • [BUG] interacting with an apk without android support
  • [BUG] receiving several sms at the same time makes ringtone skip
  • [BUG] Clicking on twitter mention in EventsView shows mention N-1 instead of N on
  • [BUG] isSignalConnected crashed calculator
  • [BUG] All of the data isn’t updated when updating the old results
  • [BUG] Index letter from old results is not visible on the left most entry
  • [BUG] Calculator crash
  • [BUG] calendar’s event editor doesn’t handle removed notebooks
  • [BUG] calendar hour view doesn’t honor 12h setting
  • [BUG] msyncd crashes in KTimeZone related code (from mkcal call)
  • [BUG] Shutter sound plays too soon.
  • [BUG] alarm ui delays end of alarm signaling
  • [BUG] WLAN does not connect automatically to saved network
  • [BUG] Connection dialog stays in busy state forever after wrong password is entered
  • [BUG] When connman dies wlan settings should hide more stuff
  • [BUG] We have potentially incorrect and/or misleading mobile APN options available.
  • [BUG] Data counters page neeeds last cleared timestamp
  • [BUG] Wrong information for user after entered wrong password to new network
  • [BUG] Select mobile network page busy state does not follow platform style
  • [BUG] WLAN in half-enabled state and mobile data in disabled state
  • [BUG] Problems with manual selecting network
  • [BUG] Wrong connection icon in Status area: should be only mobile data, but corrupted ‘mobile&wlan’ is shown
  • [BUG] “Problem with connection” is shown if user toggles WLAN or Mobile Network multiple times
  • [BUG] When internet sharing over wifi is ongoing user is able to start wifi network search
  • [BUG] cannot enter wlan password after wrong password has been entered
  • [BUG] changing tethering ssid & password does not really change it
  • [BUG] When internet sharing over WLAN is used in 4G, the agps doesn’t seem to work
  • [BUG] device lock code query has inconsistent colors
  • [BUG] New tutorial can’t be skipped
  • [BUG] When disabling/enabling developer mode notification about usb cable is seen even when no cable is attached
  • [BUG] There is no remorse timer when clearing the notifications in event view
  • [BUG] Custom clock alarm is not taken into use by custom ambience when the phone is in silent mode
  • [BUG] Can’t delete picture received through email or bluetooth
  • [BUG] Share via MMS behaves badly
  • [BUG] Documents does not recover from hidden state when showing PDF documents
  • [BUG] Discard rearrange mode after entering a new app folder
  • [BUG] After boot returning from Events view fades to black
  • [BUG] folder name editor should set keyboard enter icon
  • [BUG] Homescreen/Lockscreen Operator Name not updated (3HK)
  • [BUG] Black bar on right side of Nexus 4 SFA home screen in devel
  • [BUG] PIN code query input activated before PIN query visible
  • [BUG] SIM ATK IdleModeText overlaps date when date is split over two lines
  • [BUG] Ambience swicher is visible if there is only one favorite ambience.
  • [BUG] lockscreen date string overlaps with notification
  • [BUG] Minimum indication led brightness is too high
  • [BUG] mce display stm goes amok if suspend policy is disabled while display is off
  • [BUG] Simulated double tap does not work in nexus 4
  • [BUG] MCE defines variables in header files
  • [BUG] Sometimes first touch in lock screen is ignored
  • [BUG] Device boots wrongly to landscape actdead after flashing
  • [BUG] Systemd save persistent journal on release image
  • [BUG] Handwriting – 2nd word is not recognised
  • [BUG] Wrong strings on Traditional Chinese handwriting keyboards buttons
  • [BUG] phone number layout missing press highlight coloring from button character string
  • [BUG] Change layout of Italian keyboard
  • [BUG] Inconsistency between Delete and Deleting in the remorse timer.
  • [BUG] Private number shown unlocalized
  • [BUG] Remote security features -application name not localized in Settings > System
  • [BUG] Unlocalized message when typing wrong credentials in preyproject
  • [BUG] New twitter mentions notification shows untranslated label
  • [BUG] Cell measurement API returns sometimes serving cell also in neighbor list
  • [BUG] Selecting an album in Media app doesn’t work
  • [BUG] No placeholder in All songs when view is empty
  • [BUG] New message draft not saved after going to background
  • [BUG] Power key should be inactive during the system update installation phase
  • [BUG] “Delete note” from note page can delete wrong note
  • [BUG] New note contains text from previous one
  • [BUG] RecipientField with multipleAllowed: false doesn’t allow selecting a recipient
  • [BUG] People app editor does not remove trailing spaces
  • [BUG] “Muted” is overlapped by long names stored in People
  • [BUG] Calls from private numbers cause several problems in voicecall-ui
  • [BUG] Unanswered call symbol remains on main page after calling back
  • [BUG] Call again is not working after rejected call by other participant
  • [BUG] User can enter a useless ‘w’ in dial string
  • [BUG] Phone comes back to foreground when outgoing call starts ringing
  • [BUG] Visual glitch when answering call waiting call
  • [BUG] Call counter overflows after 24hrs
  • [BUG] Previous call’s duration is displayed after rejecting current ongoing call
  • [BUG] msyncd is taking a lot of CPU and syncing in 30 seconds interval
  • [BUG] jolla-settings-system-tests fail
  • [BUG] Not able to setup remote security account on device when account’s password has a space?
  • [BUG] Cell measurement API updates LTE serving cell ID later than PCI or earfcn
  • [BUG] New tutorial app does not scale
  • [BUG] Disabled Switch cannot be removed from favorites
  • [BUG] Ringtone selection from setting goes to wrong state
  • [BUG] SIM ATK should not print passwd:true-query input as clear text to journal
  • [BUG] Transfer from ACTDEAD to USER should not be allowed if battery level is < 2%
  • [BUG] Likes are not updated to the store client application grid
  • [BUG] Attaching an empty TOH tries to install ambience of the previously attached TOH
  • [BUG] Mediaplayer all songs search fails to show song names with ampersand
  • [BUG] Context menu opening autoscrolling is broken
  • [BUG] ComboBox with > 6 items doesn’t trigger it’s MenuItem’s onClicked
  • [BUG] Sometimes view “Bounce” effect does’t work
  • [BUG] Orientation handling in ApplicationWindow works only inside QQuickView
  • [BUG] WhatsApp voice recorder did not work well (voice sounds abnormal)
  • [BUG] remove Android app icons from covers

Just the amount of bugfixes are enough to blow anyone’s mind! Thank you sailors!


Sepehr James Noori

James here, as you probably might know me from other Jolla websites. Have been Writing for nearly 2 years now and been following Jolla since the day 1. I'm a loyal N900 - N9 - Jolla owner/user.
Hope you enjoy my Writing!