Marc Dillon Stresses Importance Of User Privacy, Expansion Plans And Future Developments

On the back of the Snapdeal launch in India last month, Jolla’s Marc Dillon conducted a rather revealing press interview further highlighting future plans for the company.


In the interview he stresses that unlike 99% of the USA owned smartphone operating systems (pinpointing Android), Jolla are 100% committed to user privacy and will not farm user data (referencing the data selling model Android currently use).  While there is no mention of the NSA, he stresses that being the only European company in the smartphone game sets Jolla and Sailfish apart from the competition (and presumably negates any possible NSA involvement?).

He also goes on to talk about plans to steadily continue rolling out Jolla country by country with more plans on the horizon.

With regard future hardware partnerships, he states that there are many interested parties who Jolla are working with, to bring Sailfish to new devices, citing the ease of which Sailfish can be ported to Android-based hardware.

Here is the interview itself for your viewing pleasure:





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