Native Instagram App, SailGrande Available From #Jolla Store Now!

While SailGrande has been available in OpenRepos for some time now,  it has only very recently been officially approved for download direct from the Jolla store.

SailGrande is a native app for all you hip-to-be square loving photo types who enjoy using Instagram on a regular basis.


The app is still in early stages of development, but promises to add more functionality as time goes by.

Currently, the app offers the following features:

  • Show own feed with posts
  • Show current popular posts
  • Show posts for a specific tag
  • A startpage containing a preview for all 3 of them (feed, popular, tag posts)
  • Show details for a picture/video (like count/comments)
  • Watch videos
  • Like a picture/video or remove previous like
  • Open user profiles
  • Follow/Unfollow users

Under upcoming features, the developer mentions uploading and commenting functionality will be added in future.


What a great start from the developer (flwittmann) who has also brought us in the past some other useful native apps, including Sailstack (unofficial StackExchange client) and Sailcountries (country based quiz game).

For more information you can follow the developer on twitter here:






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