Who Has Ordered #TOHKBD, And Which Custom Options Will You Be Choosing?


In case you hadn’t noticed, we are SERIOUSLY excited about the #TOHKBD over here at JollaTides, in fact almost as excited as when we first prebooked the Jolla well over a year ago!

So we thought it would be nice to make a shrine for all things #TOHKBD related and share colour picks with you (and the waiting”experience” lol!), and we’ll try and keep this post updated as time goes by.

Which colour option #TOHKBD are you pining for?

Which colour option #TOHKBD are you pining for?

We know that the “white” option is the default colour option we assume because it is the default other half option when you purchase a Jolla but do you plan to stick with that, or pick a different colour to match another OH you may own ?

There is also the option to specify the wood type from the “Lastu” range and we wonder which option people are thinking of choosing for the rear casing too ?

Which Lastu wood option will you be choosing ?

Which Lastu wood option will you be choosing ?

Well once again a big shout out to the #TOHKBD team (Dirk, Likimmo, Andrew) who at this stage have smashed the Kickstarter funding by over 200% and we wish you much wind up your sails to get everything wrapped up in good time without any major hitches!

Here is some more eye candy in case you need some!

#TOHKBD Beautiful Render

#TOHKBD Beautiful Render

#TOHKBD Rear "Lastu" View

#TOHKBD Rear “Lastu” Kelo Finish

Psssst, here is also a beautiful #TOHKBD ambience from Andrew for all you fans out there to download onto your Jolla: http://imgur.com/Ux7eX9s

Oh and finally, here is a video for some moving visual eye candy:

For more information and to prebook your #TOHKBD go pledge here, now and let’s hear from all the other soon to be #TOHKBD owners (and anyone else interested of course!) in the comments below! :D




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    • Sounds sweet Dirk! I didn’t realise you could pick 2 colours for the case combo – woohoo!!

      In which case, think I might go with Stormtrooper TOHKBD! :D

      Black: Main case
      White: Keyboard surround
      Kelo wood: Rear panel

      • And btw Dirk, forgot to say, THANK YOU so much – you guys are just AWESOME for going through with this and pulling it off!!!! :DDDD

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  2. [Despite my earlier misgivings, went ahead and ordered one even though it means using Jolla on 2G in the US — a chance to study the software and keyboards are to be encouraged!]

    Thinking walnut with either green or purple (!), probably green unless there’s too much blue in it.

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  4. Just bought a Jolla and TOHKBD. A bit nervous about the Jolla as I have no technical knowledge or skills. Had a N900 for 5 years though (sadly died).
    I think TOHKBD Black and Orange and Walnut. A certain 1960s/70s vibe with the orange :)