Go, Go, Makerbot: Calling Budding #Jolla Photographers

Well it looks like twitter user geek o nerd has presently caught the OH bug and posted a rather neat Vine creation of a prototype we believe he’s put together(?).

Inspiration For Budding Photographers: TOH Opportunities

TOH To Inspire Budding Photographers

At this stage I’m not sure if the creation will even be made available publicly, but it looks like a combination of an OH our forum friend @flypig drafted earlier this year (available here) together with some clever magnetrickery to make these commonly available mobile phone lenses attach without glue/velcro using simply magnets.

This is just another example of the beauty of Jolla’s TOH and what can be done with relatively little effort and a little bit of technical knowhow… speaking of which, if you haven’t already, I implore you to go and download the OH developer kit, proceed to Dirks FunkyOtherHalf website and read through his great tutorials and let’s see some more bedroom engineered TOH’s pronto dagnammitt! :-)

Or, alternatively if you’re too busy, head over here, here or here and you may find something that tickles your fancy without even needing to raise a finger or thumb!

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