Slush 2014: Jolla Crew Attendees and What To Expect?

With Slush 2014 drawing ever closer, and anticipation building to fever pitch, we take a look at who will be speaking and what we may expect from Jolla this year.

The massive startup event Slush 2014 will be held in Finland’s capital, Helsinki and will play host to some 10,000 startups, investors and media alike.

Slush is the focal point for European and Asian startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. In 2014, Slush gathers more than 10,000 people for November 18-19th to Helsinki, Finland.


As we would have expected, enigmatic Jolla COO, Marc Dillon will be making an appearance on the Silver Stage at 10.35am (local time) on Wednesday 19th November.


But can we expect any surprise announcements from Dillon during his talk ?  Most definitely as it would appear to tie in with the countdown timer on the main Jolla website – this is going to be “BIG”!

Jolla’s “BIG” announcement is set for the time when Marc Dillon takes to stage and we have been speculating on what Jolla’s mystery product launch is going to be in previous articles so go and check them out and offer your own theories if you have any hunches.

On a side note, our favourite Jolla community bunny @cybette will also be doing a talk on November 17th about MOOCs.

With that said, we will try to provide the latest updates from Slush 2014 for you here at JollaTides so stay tuned for what promises to be a very exciting week ahead!



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