Wild Speculation #1: 9 Inch #Jolla Tablet Other Half

After some more thought on the the bezels from the teaser image Jolla leaked on their website, it got my mind working overtime.

The thing is if you look at the image at jolla.com, there is virtually no bezel which could point to something with a larger screen ie. a tablet as Simo from reviewjolla also points out. Reading between the lines, Jolla hints at something “BIG” and as another twitter follower pointed out, Jolla’s latest job vacancy is for a “software tester” which could potentially suggest they are working on bringing Sailfish OS to another device category?

So to expand upon that, what if Jolla have been working on an “Other Half tablet” that you connect your Jolla phone to (in the same way that the Asus Padfone works), but using Jolla’s OH connectivity on the rear of the device ?

The beauty of this system of course is you have one set of files/applications but can switch between large and small screen (9″-4.5″) depending on your requirements.

We made a very rough mock-up of what the tablet could look like from the rear (note: main 9″ tablet screen on front would display Sailfish OS projected from Jolla phone).

Mock-up of Other Half 9" Tablet

Mock-up of Other Half 9″ Tablet

We’re probably way off so take this with a “BIG” pinch of salt, but let us know what you think nevertheless and if you have had any of your own thoughts on what this latest mysterious announcement from Jolla could point to sound off below. #excitedperplexedexcited

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