Wild Speculation #2: #Jolla Smart Watch

Now this is another lovely concept designed by YvesPE who has in the past made some beautiful concept renders.

The idea that Jolla would go with a new device category to show off Sailfish OS on other formats is a potentially strong case to be considered.

As mentioned in our previous article, Jolla have also recently advertised for a Software Tester, which could suggest they are looking to test Sailfish on different device formats?

  • are keen to test new things and are willing to contribute to improve the overall quality of the software

A move into the relatively young “wearables” market while products are still undergoing improvements and constant development would make sense on many levels for Jolla, but is this a market that is still too unpredictable at this stage or would that suit Jolla if they were working on something potentially game changing like this ?

A Sailfish-driven smartwatch has a lot of appeal and we would love to see something like this really beautiful UI concept from Toxip implemented in future:

Beautiful concept of a Sailfish driven smartwatch

Beautiful concept of a Sailfish driven smartwatch

The speculation will go on until Wednesday 10:35am local Finnish time where the announcement is most likely to take place at Slush 2014 – in the meantime – we’ll keep on guessing!



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