Speculation #3: Chinese Hardware Partnership

Perhaps one of the most realistic theories for Jolla’s next “BIG” thing to be revealed in 2 days time would be a potential manufacturing partnership.

Since Jolla were formed back in 2012, they have always emphasised cooperating with hardware manufacturers and have in fact already made a number of partnerships along the way.

Another large emphasis for Jolla has been to break into the large Chinese smartphone market, something which would be made far more attainable with a large Chinese manufacturer onboard.  Having already carved out various partnerships over in China (inc. D.Phone, Tencent, Hutchinson, China Fortune amongst others), and having an office in the Far East, this would be the logical next step forward to bring Sailfish to the masses.

Xiaomi Mi3: Shows similar design aesthetics to the "corner" in Jolla's leaked image

Xiaomi Mi3: Shows similar design aesthetics to the “corner” in Jolla’s leaked image

There has already been some speculation that Jolla may team up with the likes of Xiaomi who are currently one of the largest China-based manufacturers and are according to various sources the 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer/distributor in the world with a huge presence in China where Jolla are keen to make their mark.

Upon further evaluation, the recently released Xiaomi Mi3 does show some similar design aesthetics to what little we have to go on in Jolla’s leaked image.   While the corner comparison below is not conclusive evidence, it does show there are some parallels between Xiaomi’s recent design vs. the Jolla leak.


From the little we have to go on, this theory holds a lot of weight and was originally inspired by one of our twitter followers:

It is also a very popular theory given that Xiaomi do make some rather attractive looking hardware and combined with Sailfish would be a great match up!

What do you think ? Are we getting warm yet and what would you think of a potential Jolla/Xiaomi partnership ?




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