Jolla @ SLUSH 2014: How To Follow!

So while Jolla are making their last minute preparations for the big event tomorrow, we’ve got all the information on how to stay informed for tomorrows “BIG” announcement.

If you have a fast enough internet connection, the Slush 2014 live stream is the way to stay on top of the latest from Jolla tomorrow morning.


Remember COO Marc Dillon will be speaking from the “Silver Stage” at 10:35am (local Finnish time) tomorrow (19th November) and the live stream is available here:

If you are not near WiFI or are having problems with the stream due to the large expected number of users, there are also a number of other outlets to consider:

If we have missed anyone, feel free to list your own Jolla news site in the comments below and accept our apologies but there are so many to list!

We’re so excited for tomorrow and look forward to sharing the “BIG” news with you here when any one of our speculations may become reality, or perhaps we’re in for an even “BIGGER” surprise… stay tuned. :)

All that’s left to say is “Good Luck” to the Jolla Sailors and we’ll all be here cheering you on from the sidelines!




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