#Jolla Tablet: Campaign Adds Bulk Retailer Option And Stretch Goals!

Jolla have just sent out a notification of some additional “stretch” goals for their tablet campaign.

Also if you are looking to stock the Jolla tablet upon release, there are some rather tasty bulk price options (30% off RRP) available now!

The stretch goals themselves are most exciting with various “additional options” added as the campaign total increases – have a look for yourself – and lets spread the word:

We have three amazing Stretch goals to give your Jolla Tablet a boost!

Stretch goals are additional funding goals that will finance new specific features of the Jolla Tablet.

Goal #1 – $1,500,000: MicroSDHC support up to 128GB

Once we reach the first goal, every Jolla Tablet will be upgraded to support microSDHC cards up to 128GB! You’ll never have to worry about running out of space again. Currently Jolla Tablet supports cards up to 32GB, besides having 32GB internal storage.

Goal #2 – $1,750,000: Split Screen

Split screen allows you to view and use two apps simultaneously, enhancing Sailfish OS’ multitasking capabilities even further. Split screen is the most wanted Jolla Tablet software feature by our community at together.jolla.com.

Goal #3 – $2,500,000: Cellular data for $30

Our third goal, one of the most wanted tablet feature by our community, offers amazing value for our Indiegogo campaign contributors. If we reach $2.5M, you can upgrade your WiFi only Jolla Tablet to 3.5G+WiFi for a mere $30! With most tablets on the market, similar upgrade costs at least $100. 3.5G upgrade is first offered only in EU, but we’re looking to add more markets later.

Micro-distributor StarterKit perk now available!

Get 20 Jolla Tablets with ~30% discount from expected retail price and start distributing them in your own market. You’ll get world-class online marketing materials directly from the Jolla crew. This is your chance to become a local ambassador for the Jolla Tablet and other Jolla products!






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