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Jolla Launch: 6 Days To Go And The Undeniable Buzz!!


I can feel the excitement in the air already, in the twittersphere, blogosphere, everywhere I look, it’s really so electric at the moment with the lead up to the Jolla launch that everyone… Read More

Welcome Aboard: New Guest Writers


  I have great pleasure in welcoming some new members to the JollaTides guest writing team! Our new writers represent some of the movers and shakers from the Jolla community over the past… Read More

SLUSH 2013: In Video


  For anyone who missed the live streams at SLUSH 2013 last week, here are the uploaded videos courtesy of Youtube user minimec. To begin with, here was the main keynote from Jolla… Read More

Jolla: Open Up More Job Opportunities


  In case you hadn’t spotted, Jolla have opened up a few more job opportunities on their site mainly for anyone based in Finland (or maybe worth immigrating for?!). The current jobs are… Read More

Site Now Fully Migrated + Latest News From The Community


Dear Jolla Community, This is just a brief inhouse post to say many apologies for all the downtime experienced over the past few days here – I’ve been working day and night to… Read More

Jolla Launch Party Details: 27 November, 2013


  A quick update to let you know that the launch party and pre-booking details have just now officially been updated on the page. According to the new details: At the event a… Read More

Video: Marc Dillon SLUSH 2013


  Okay a quick update as I’m just running out, but here is the first official video of Jolla, Marc Dillon being interviewed from SLUSH 2013 courtesy of the SLUSH youtube channel and… Read More

Jolla Handset: More Leaks And Official Partnership Press Release


  Amongst the chaos of the past few days, there were a couple of extra snippets or leaks about the new Jolla handset which I’d really like to share in case you missed… Read More

SLUSH 2013: Pictures And Words


  Slush 2013 has gone down a storm for Jolla with various announcements and news to report after Marc Dillon et al took to the stage earlier today at 12:20pm local Finnish time.… Read More

Jolla Harbour: Submit Your Apps Now!


  After an initial loss of service (much like us last week), the Jolla Harbour is back, fighting fit and ready to take your app submissions all day long. For anyone who doesn’t… Read More

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