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Update: Read This For New Version(s) Of Skype Working On Sailfish


Not that Skype appeals to everyone, but for some, especially anyone who used the N900/N9 or who over the years has got friends/family/business endeavours reliant on the service, and needs some functionality for… Read More

Younited Makes Its First Appearance In Jolla Store


The hotly anticipated “Younited” app has finally made its first appearance in the Jolla store after the partnership was first announced back in February earlier this year. According to the Younited blog, the… Read More

Tackling Improvements One Step At A Time: Sailfish Mail Client *Week 1*


One of our trusty stalwarts (Andrei) over at our community port suggested we – the Jolla community at large – start compiling ideas for improving Sailfish one step at a time. While everything works… Read More

#Sailfish Monthly Update 9: Slight Delay But On Its Way


With many Jolla owners highly anticipating the next monthly update 9 (Uitukka) promised last month after Jolla took a break in August, Jolla have issued a statement to let the community know of some… Read More

Marc Dillon Stresses Importance Of User Privacy, Expansion Plans And Future Developments


On the back of the Snapdeal launch in India last month, Jolla’s Marc Dillon conducted a rather revealing press interview further highlighting future plans for the company. In the interview he stresses that… Read More

#Jolla Available Officially Shipping From India And Italy


Jolla have been spreading Sailfish seeds far and wide with more recent expansion and in the last few weeks have secured official local availability in both India (previously unavailable) and Italy (only previously… Read More

#Jolla Attend Startup Event SLUSH 2014


As has been the case for the previous 2 years and was the original launchpad Jolla used to first show the world their swipe-based Sailfish OS, Jolla will indeed be attending this years SLUSH… Read More

Jolla phone sails onwards to Kazakhstan and gets set for Hong Kong release!


Even though Sailors are apparently taking a much needed summer break, it appears the Jolla ship is currently set to auto pilot with recent news of an entry into the exciting Indian market. Well… Read More

Have Your Say: Tahkalampi Update **Poll**


After reading a few comments regarding some issues experienced with the latest software release from Jolla ( we would like to ask the community what the overall feelings are regarding this recent update.… Read More

The Voice Of Jolla Community Is Here: Jolla Want You!


This video recently appeared in our inbox as Jolla are reaching out to the community to make a short 1 minute video on what Jolla means to you!  Your video will then be… Read More

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