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Native Flappy Bird Game: Arrives In Jolla Store Competes With Sailyfish


Yes that’s the one, the controversial, irritatingly addictive, yet instantly loveable ‘Flappy Bird’ has landed at the Jolla Store recently. One could easily assume that the title would arrive in it’s Android iteration… Read More

A Slightly Fishy Tale: Is Microsoft Planning To Add Android App Compatibility To Lumia ?


Well we read this earlier via MyNokiaBlog, and something smells decidedly fishy (well it actually has strong hints of ‘Sailfish’ to me, no?). About Microsoft/Lumia Android smartphone rumours. MS adopted VM for execution of… Read More

Perfect Offline Navigation Solution For Jolla?


After some comments on the previous article regarding an offline navigation solution for Jolla, I went ahead and did some further research into the topic and think I have found the perfect companion for your… Read More

Could This Swype-Like Keyboard Come To Jolla?


After reading an article by our friends over at JollaUsers we got all excited about this possibility for our Jolla phones! Swype was a great inputting method I used religiously on my Nokia N9… Read More

Competition: WIN A Lastu Wallet Case For Your Jolla!!


We were recently approached by the CEO of Lastu Case who has kindly suggested we offer one of the splendid Lastu Wallet Cases (worth 49 euros) to one deserving Jolla community member. The cases… Read More

Marc Dillon On The Early Startup Challenges Faced By Jolla


We came across this next video via MyNokiaBlog and it is a brief interview with Marc Dillon on the early challenges faced by Jolla. With only a relatively small team of 80 employees, Jolla… Read More

Customise Your Jolla Further With Patch Manager


While Patch Manager has been around for a few months now, I thought it would be nice to point you to a video we recently came upon via MyNokiaBlog which illustrates Patch Manager in… Read More

Other Half Printed Covers From €14.42 + P&P


One of our community members recently drew our attention to some nice 3D printed other halves that he has made available from €14.42 + P&P. The colours range from burning red; sunset pink; lightning violet;… Read More

Jolla Sailfish Launcher For Android


Jolla have been hard at work as usual getting a special Android launcher based on Sailfish OS ready for all you Android users out there. We are proud to tell that we’ve reached… Read More

Angry Ant: Jolla Macro Video TOH


Well there has been much exciting news these past few weeks in Jolla land and we’re a bit behind with the times so lets start with a nice little video we read over… Read More

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