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email: can the native app leave mails on a POP server even once read?
  • Herve5Herve5
    11.00 KarmaPosts: 7Crew
    For a couple of key email accounts I use to keep read emails on the POP server, in order to maintain download archives on various machines.
    Because of this what I want for the Jolla email client is a POP connection that allows me to download emails and read them without deleting from the server.

    Such a feature is generally a minor setting in most email clients, but can anyone confirm this is the case for the native Sailfish email application?

    (As this is a feature that I'll set once and forever for a given account, this can be done through config. files editing if there is no GUI for it)

    Thank you!
  • richardskirichardski
    14.00 KarmaPosts: 12Crew
    The ability for an e-mail client to be configured to permanently leave, or delete after X numbers of days after opening e-mail is a crucial requirement.

    Currently no obvious settings for these features in the GUI:(

  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    The core mail client settings are fairly basic ATM but at least more than functional for general use - I'm sure we can expect more improvements as Sailfish matures.
  • Herve5Herve5
    11.00 KarmaPosts: 7Crew
    Thanks for this Richardski!
    My concern is that, while my current email setup may look ambitious (I do have various accounts), leaving read email on the server once consulted via POP is really mandatory for me, to the extent that a single "delete read ones" command would have catastrophic consequences.

    Would you know by any chance if the IMAP behavior would allow this?
    (but I don't like IMAP on the move, for when out of network reach you don't retain anything)

    Another thing I may consider is using a "serious" email client from the Android world, like K9-mail. I do this already on a Blackberry Playbook tablet -but I fear, like on the Playbook, encapsulated android apps will come with unexpected GUIs and sometimes slow startup...
    (Playbooks indeed came with an extremely poor email app in the beginning)

    Any experience here with K9-mail on Jolla?

    Thanks again,
    Post edited by Herve5 at 2014-01-13 10:42:28
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain

    I will be happy to test the K9-mail app for you when I can get my android issues resolved. :-)
  • Herve5Herve5
    11.00 KarmaPosts: 7Crew
    Thanks JollaTides, just react here if you get it. Nothing urgent :)
  • blitzschlagblitzschlag
    221.00 KarmaPosts: 157Crew
    standard imap behaviour is to leave the mails on the server untouched. i use imap over ssl on all 4 crucial mail-accounts on my jolla (save the exchange account because thats different).
    i'm not even close to be a first one

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