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Calling Developers: N9 + Sailfish Anyone ?
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
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    Calling all Sailfish/MeeGo/Maemo/Qt/Nemo/Mer developers... the community is desperate to know who "will be the first" to release a fully working port of Sailfish for the Nokia N9.

    We can all appreciate that until Jolla release the the Sailfish UI code, it's going to be difficult and Jolla have said that they're waiting until the first handset has been released.

    But are there indeed any developers out there who are already on the case, chomping at the bit waiting for that last piece of code ?  

    Moreso, would the community prefer a dual boot port experience similar to the Nitdroid project or would you go for a completely singular Sailfish/N9 experience ?

    It would be nice to hear from you and any developers please feel free to chime in on your... developments! :)

    Post edited by JollaTides at 2013-11-28 01:17:13

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