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Sailfish/Jolla email client - encrypted smtp login
  • clouseauclouseau
    4.00 KarmaPosts: 6Crew
    Does Anyone actually know what encryption does the email client use for SASL login on SMTP? I've set up CRAM-MD5 on my server (yes, it works) but with the Sailfish client I get some strange SMTP logs and it's unable to authenticate:

    Feb 24 13:47:21 prosinger postfix/smtpd[15198]: warning: dynamic-213-198-196-134.adsl.eunet.rs[]: SASL CRAM-MD5 authentication failed: PDQblahblahblah

    It seems to be a different encryption type. Did anyone succeed on this?
  • clouseauclouseau
    4.00 KarmaPosts: 6Crew

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