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Can't change email address
  • disquietdisquiet
    2.00 KarmaPosts: 1Crew

    When going in my account page and Edit My Account, I can't change my email address. I can replace the old one by the new one but when pressing the Save button, the loading indicator animation doesn't stop. I left it running for hours, it doesn't save the new email address.

    I'm on Xubuntu 13.10, using Firefox 27.0.1 and Chromium 32.0.1700.102, also tried new profiles of each of my browsers.
    Post edited by disquiet at 2014-03-26 09:12:16
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    Sorry about that @disquiet. Please PM me the email address you'd like to change it to and I'll amend it for you no problem. ;-)
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    I'll close this topic as we have sorted it now - if you have any other problems, please start a new thread. :-)
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