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Tested: Alien Dalvik Stop = Better battery Life
  • Hamano88Hamano88
    10.00 KarmaPosts: 6Crew
    In thelast three days ago, I have been testing this App 'Alien Dalvik Stop', it does exactly what the name says.
    My results with the battery drain have seriously changed. My Jolla survives longer and I would have more juice at the end of the day.

    My question is, does it actually effect the phone in any negative way? Because in android if you use app killers it really effects the phone negatively.

    The way I'm using it is by closing android apps after I'm done then I kill dalvik. According to Crest a, CPU tracking app, it shows how dalvik is always running in the background using the CPU intensively.

    Only thing that changed is instead of the android apps works in an instant it takes a couple of seconds, I don't mind it because the huge battery Jump is worth the sacrifice.

    Any thoughts

    Alien Dalvik Stop https://openrepos.net/content/schturman/alien-dalvik-stop

    Crest https://openrepos.net/content/miska/crest

  • andreibechetandreibechet
    321.00 KarmaPosts: 219Deckhand
    Yes, I also can confirm that. After closing the android app I also close the android layer (especially if I know it will be some time till the next time i will use it).
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    Nice @Hamano88 thanks for sharing, I'll try this and let you know the outcome. :-)
  • kreso75kreso75
    8.00 KarmaPosts: 4Crew
    I can also confirm that battery lasts longer after killing Dalvik service.
    The only problem I see is long first startup of Android apps after that.
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    @kreso75 it does take a few seconds longer to load, but I can see using this "kill android" technique when away from a charger and phone is in standby. Then it should really slow the discharge rate when you need to preserve battery levels the most. :)
  • egnat85egnat85
    1.00 KarmaPosts: 1Crew
    @Hamano88 - to answer your question: Sailfish has been designed to run completely without alien dalvik - it is an add-on you actually have to install - hence killing AD will not in any way affect your phone or its performance, as long as you aren't running android apps for basic use...
  • CedesguinCedesguin
    1.00 KarmaPosts: 1Crew
    In my experience, Aliendalvik isn't the real battery killer. The enemy is Google Services (also apps from Google Store with hidden call home "features"). Google Services aren't installed by default, fortunately. I installed them, then removed quickly: it's a real fox in the hen house. Apps that don't run properly without Google Services running in the background are just crap.
    Post edited by Cedesguin at 2014-12-16 16:45:02
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    @cedesguin From my own experience with other android devices I agree google services are a nuisance and it's a shame more android apps are beginning to require them.

    For instance the latest official YouTube app requires google services, however it's easy to download previous versions which do not.

    I suppose the end point is if you stop Alien Dalvik, you also stop Google services (if you have them running) so its a good tip if you need to preserve battery and nice to have this kind of control.

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