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Feature Requests: Sailfish Native Virtual Keyboard
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    Hot on the heels of the Native Email App feature request poll started by @andreibechet, let's start compiling the next area of feature requests which we feel is critical for smartphone operation: the virtual keyboard.

    Jolla's native virtual keyboard, while perfectly good and more than useable, could benefit from some improvements nonetheless. Let's keep this strictly about the 'main' virtual keyboard and we'll look to cover the terminal virtual keyboard in the future.

    So, what features do you miss in the native virtual keyboard if any at all ?

    Much like the procedure in the last feature request, lets keep the comments succinct and precise and after 1-2 weeks, we'll put it to the vote again to present over at Together:


    Example post could read like this:-

    Sailfish VKB Feature Request:

    1/ …….

    2/ …….

    3/ …….

    Next weeks target area: ……..


    I want to see some ideas from you guys on the next priority area of improvement for Sailfish so we can keep this rolling every few weeks, thanks! :)
  • andreibechetandreibechet
    321.00 KarmaPosts: 219Deckhand
    1. broader space bar
    2. Swipe
    3. Common layout for the punctuation

    Next week: Integrated gmail/fb/any messenger
  • ratedrated
    237.00 KarmaPosts: 65Crew
    Swipe. The fact a gesture-based device still doesn't have a gesture based keyboard is something that really does bother me about the phone, and will likely be the reason I move away from Jolla if not rectified. Texting on the Jolla is a chore.
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    @rated - yes fully agree - I hope the guy who showed us a video demo "work in progress" of swipe on Sailfish could work with Jolla to implement this soon. I'm pretty sure it will be implemented though... eventually! ;-)
  • ratedrated
    237.00 KarmaPosts: 65Crew
    Vote made. You'll never guess which one I considered the most important....
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain

    Nice one thanks for the "input"! Hmmm.... let me guess... haha :D

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