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Jolla tablet - why did Jolla choose intel for chipset ?
  • jollamatejollamate
    115.00 KarmaPosts: 69Crew
    I can't understand why Jolla choosed intel chipset for their tablet. Sailfish is a growing but still small os. Jolla phone has an ARM CPU. Instead to have an eye on the urge to use as much apps on all gadgets, apps have to be rewritten. Does jolla already have enough manpower to support two os architectures?
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  • andreibechetandreibechet
    321.00 KarmaPosts: 219Deckhand
    I don't think so it is needed. The OS will provide the abstraction necessary to ensure that apps shouldn't care or know which platform the OS is on. Anyway they advertised that the OS can be installed on a lot of different hardware.
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    @ jollamate

    I'm sure they made the decision for good reason and afterall like andrei said, Sailfish is easy to port to many different Android devices! I'm going to edit the title which is a bit misleading.
  • blitzschlagblitzschlag
    221.00 KarmaPosts: 157Crew
    after all Intel wants a bigger share in the mobile Market. So they're interested in getting Companies using their Architecture. Thats why Jolla and, for Example, Nokia can build/sell Tablets for relatively small money for the given quality.
    i'm not even close to be a first one

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