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Update on Jolla Tablet
  • blitzschlagblitzschlag
    221.00 KarmaPosts: 157Crew
    There is news on the Tablet. Those that supported the indiegogo campaign probably know already. For those that don't know here is the changes:

    if you supported the campaign already and bought a tablet you can upgrade the built-in memory from 32 to 64 GB by spending an additional 25$. Close to 1900 people did that already.

    There will be no ext-fat Support and therefore no License-Fee to Microsoft. There will be Open-Source Support for larger SDXC-Cards though (i guess it'll be ext3/4 and btrfs support). The SDXC-Card formatted that way won't work with Microsoft Windows or Devices that support SDXC though.

    Bigger Battery. There will be some more Battery-Capacity in the Final Product. From 4300mAh to 4450mAh. Thumbs up.

    Tablet is confirmed to have gyroscope and compass but no proximity sensor.

    Fully laminated Screen.

    i'm not even close to be a first one
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    Yes this is good news @blitzschag and great upgrades all around! Can't wait now!! :)

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