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Bug: GPS needs wifi to initially to work at all
  • KlavsKlavsenKlavsKlavsen
    1.00 KarmaPosts: 1Crew
    Going to fossdem, and having the jolla phone in flight mode on the way here (updated to latest version), when I tried to use GPS on the jolla - it didn't work. It never got a fix - even though I spend all day, often letting it "stir" for 5 minutes, and tried using osmand and other map applications (incl. builtin) - without network connectivity (since I do not have data roaming and had no wifi nearby) - and it would never get a location.
    I then went to the hotel and (during a long day without GPS - where fellow windows phone and android phone users worked fine without data but with GPS) to find that when I had wifi at the hotel - my GPS worked fine.
    Today it works fine as well - so it seems there's some sort "init" needed for GPS.. that it needs to "startup" with network connectivity to ever get a fix ?

    Was really embarressing to be the only one whose GPS did not work :(
  • blitzschlagblitzschlag
    221.00 KarmaPosts: 157Crew
    hmm, i thought it was a requirement of the map-software i'm using that i have to enable data-roaming or wifi for it (the software) to work.

    Could you please write a eMail to support@jolla.com and ask about how its interconnected?
    i'm not even close to be a first one

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