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Jolla phone or waiting for new Sailfish OS hardware?
  • AaronBenkAaronBenk
    1.00 KarmaPosts: 1Crew
    Hey! I am new here! So I would like to buy a jolla phone since 2 years and now I have enough money for that. So my question is: should I wait for new Sailfish OS devices like Intex new phone? is enough the hardware? I am not a mobile gamer. I am only browsing, listening music, programming, ssh. Maybe sometimes I'll try some android game, but thats all. Any idea?
    thx 4 it!
    Post edited by AaronBenk at 2015-10-04 11:50:52
  • blitzschlagblitzschlag
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    The next Jolla Phone has not been announced yet. So there will be plenty of waiting for a new phone.

    If you can live with the bad screen-keyboard, the low resolution and the overall lack of native SailfishOS-Apps then the Jolla-Phone rewards you with a slim and open System, Root-Shell and lots of Battery-Time.

    Still, for 250€ you can get a China-Brand Anroid-Phone with ample Hardware.

    My Jolla just runs and fits my needs. I would buy it again. Others have been disappointed.
    i'm not even close to be a first one
  • andreibechetandreibechet
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    Maybe you can wait for the India version from Intex ... and get it somehow (if you are not from there). Hopefully it will have better hw. It is supposed to come this or next month.
    Post edited by andreibechet at 2015-10-05 14:38:37
  • blitzschlagblitzschlag
    221.00 KarmaPosts: 157Crew
    The Intex Phone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Series SoC with 4 Cores and a Adreno 320 GPU. Specs.

    Two years old but yields more Firepower than the Jolla Hardware which is a Snapdragon 400 SoC with 2 Cores and an Adreno 305 GPU.

    It'll be pretty cheap (235$). Lets see what Display-Size and -Resolution they come up with and what Battery.
    i'm not even close to be a first one
  • blitzschlagblitzschlag
    221.00 KarmaPosts: 157Crew
    There is new Specs availlable for the "Intex Aqua Fish" as the Phone is called.


    Thats pretty lame as it is basically the Jolla Phone Specs with a bit higher resolution display.

    Thats pretty underwhelming actually.
    i'm not even close to be a first one

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