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what i still miss in recent version (sailfish 2.0)
  • jollamatejollamate
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    - missing localization of decimal period. 1,2 (europe) still interpreted as 1 :/
    - when moving apps into folders, name of apps disappear. when i'm going to tidy more than 1 apps into folders i must end it, look for next app, pressing on desired app for move-or-delete-mode, move app into folder, end it, once again look for next app ... groundhog rising
    - still poor calendar app. every other mobile os offers a better calendar. on the other hand android calendars cant access jolla calendar
    - improvement on UI - sailfish 2.0 still looks very spartan

    new with 2.0:
    for setup i now have to go into apps screen. pre 2.0 the pulldown menu was quite better.
    Post edited by jollamate at 2015-10-21 09:30:48

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