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Official Sailfish Updates
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    This thread is reserved to list all official Sailfish updates and changelogs for information purposes on an ongoing basis.

    It will be useful for reference so people know which version of Sailfish they have and which is the latest version (last post in thread).
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    Software Update:
    Released: 09/12/13

    Hi all,

    SailfishOS gets its very first update today, version
    (Laadunjärvi). It is mainly a bug fix release aimed at improving the
    stability and usability of the OS. Here are the highlights of the
    improvements this release brings to your Jolla phone:

    * WLAN password input improvements
    * WLAN connection possible to change directly from one hotspot to
    an other
    * Notification banner visible when checking updates without internet
    * USB MAC address does not change anymore between connections in
    developer mode
    * Mobile data switch status (toggle on/off) is shown on the Settings

    * Items in Store feed view now have visual busy indication while
    * Chinese comments are no longer presented as "?" characters
    * Improved notifications when app download fails
    * App grid now shows busy indicators or current status when leaving and
    reopening page
    * Application downloads are now more resilient to failures

    * File receive dialog displays the name of the paired device correctly
    * Improvements in BT pairing
    * BT settings now responds to bluetooth daemon restart properly

    Phone & Messages
    * Phone now displays number labels (i.e. work/home/mobile) during
    * DTMF tones are not skipped when user rapidly presses keys
    * Fixed a case when incoming call is silenced and there is still sound
    played after call ends
    * Improved contact matching in call logs when contacts imported from SIM
    * Active cover shows contact names
    * Visual improvements in call forwarding UI and supplementary services
    * Support for sms: URL in Messages

    * No more duplicated data in SIM contact import
    * Improved handling of contact card details including avatars
    * Added address does not disappear any more from contact viewer screen
    after adding website information
    * Stability improvements in People app during contact linking operation
    * Performance improvements in Birthday plugin for contacts

    * Removing a service account now removes related content from People app
    * Account emits a signal when enabled / status changes
    * Option to share to Facebook does not disappear anymore after adding an
    email account
    * Facebook notification will not appear repeatedly anymore
    * Disabling Facebook account removes Facebook from Events view
    * IM accounts now connect without needing to reboot device, after
    adding them
    * IM presence state persists now over reboot or changing connectivity
    * Improved Exchange account setup flow
    * Improved interoperability with servers preferring unsupported EAS
    protocol 14.x

    * Audio and video are now in sync while playing youtube videos
    * Browser does not crash when playing multiple videos

    * New dedicated calendar alarm UI introduced which will show up with
    alarms added after the update.

    Homescreen & notifications
    * Events view wallpaper stays aligned with homescreen wallpaper
    * Lock screen pulley menu shortcuts are not broken when device
    lock is on
    * In Events view, Share what's on your mind account grid shows
    service icons
    * Improvements to notification item layouts
    * Sound feedback on battery empty shutdown
    * Window titles for apps set

    * Content picker only has the search field when there is content
    * Context menu is correctly updated with dynamic items
    * The press effects in button and list items are unified
    * Text linking matches numbers inside word boundaries
    * QWindow::setTitle() is sent over Wayland
    * DSME initial battery value is correct in bootup, or for shutdown
    * Time and date changes persist over reboot
    * DSME wakes from suspend to read HW temperatur and battery status
    * USB mode notification does not offer Developer mode when developer
    mode is not enabled
    * Device lock is not anymore set when you use "Clear device lock code"
    * The device lock code is not asked when the value is the same than
    * Password field does not flash last character in clear text
    * Date picker correctly highlights selected date and shows proper week
    numbers in January
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    Software Update:
    Released: 27/12/13

    The information was released on the new Jolla site: https://together.jolla.com

    The full release details of the update are listed below:

    What’s new

    Google calendar sync to your Jolla (one way)
    Camera support in Android apps
    Updating/uninstalling apps from Yandex store
    Camera now supports all 4 orientations
    Advanced recovery mode [details]
    Ability to accept any server certificates during Exchange ActiveSync account setup
    Fetch the update

    If your Jolla is connected to WLAN network, an OS update notification should pop up shortly. If you just can’t wait, you can manually trigger an OS update check as follows:

    Open Settings app
    Go to System Settings -> About Product
    Pull down the pulley menu and select ‘Check for update’
    Once an OS update notification is received, tap on it and follow the instructions.
    Highlights of improvements


    Improvements in exposure time and auto focus in low light conditions
    Improved switching from rear to front camera

    Connection switcher in Settings no longer sticks even when the network is not fully registered
    Static IP settings bug fixed
    Access point selection steps can be reversed without causing an issue.
    Retries are now possible if you input a wrong WLAN password
    Home / Events / Notifications

    Only important notifications (missed call, chat, messages, mails) are shown on Lock screen, all notifications are visible in Events
    Facebook and Twitter notifications no longer have LED indicators
    Disabling Facebook/Twitter feeds now removes them from Events
    Better support for high flow of tweets
    Twitter feeds now show the real name of the user
    Notification clearing improved
    Updates no longer re-appear after reboot
    USB mode selection is no longer shown when device is locked/suspended
    Fixes an issue where Home displayed as a long scrollable list
    Entering incorrect code on device lock screen now has haptic feedback

    Improvements in jolla account creation steps

    Call volume can now be adjusted before outgoing call is answered
    Phone call UI does not show Bluetooth indicator when connected to a device that does not support phone call audio
    Previous caller’s avatar no longer flickers before the current caller’s avatar is displayed
    When powering up the device now registers directly to 3G instead of first registering to 2G and then switching to 3G

    Messages application keeps the active page and message text when re-activated from Launcher
    Message notifications now remain cleared and group correctly after rebooting
    Modifying contacts now shows available message conversation options immediately
    Imported contacts with unknown IM accounts no longer appear as apparently usable messaging options
    Multiple recipients can now be picked from favorites
    Words with a dot in the middle are no longer recognized as a URL when entering the message

    Phone numbers with dialling card prefixes are no longer merged with their un-prefixed versions
    Fixed confusing behaviour while editing contacts that have only nickname
    Search results in People are now correctly highlighted

    Uninstalling the app cancels outstanding alarms
    Clock now shows the correct time in alarm list and cover for all timezones

    OBEX push requests from trusted devices are now automatically accepted
    A more informative progress bar is shown during BT discovery

    Minor UI fixes and performance improvements
    WebGL performance improved significantly
    Fixes an issue where browser stopped to open links
    Store client

    System update check is only done over a WLAN connection
    Connection dialog and status indication no longer suggest that a check is in progress without a connection
    Speed up app installation process

    Time display in Settings now respects the selected time zone
    UTC offset shown now takes DST into account
    Developer mode: Fingerterm default settings are more user friendly
    USB default mode of “Always ask” is respected even after unlocking the device

    Improves support for accounts where service username is different from email address
    Improves standard folders handling
    Fixes an issue in the communication with SMTP servers that don’t require authentication
    Fixes an issue related to email sending for some servers using ecrypted password(CRAM-MD5) for authentication
    Fixes an issue in attachments handling in POP3 accounts
    Fixes an issue in email deleting in POP3 accounts
    Fixes an issue related to email signature handling in draft emails
    Fixes an issue in the unread email count for local only folders
    Fixes an issue that prevents long email subjects to be shown in the email info view
    Fixes an issue related to opening a html email via notification
    Fixes an issue realated to replying to html only emails
    Exchange ActiveSync

    Improved error reporting when an account can’t be configured

    Opening a document from a mail attachment works even if another document is being viewed.
    Documents from transfer UI can now be opened with Office app

    Start time of the first calendar appointment now displays correctly
    Calendar alarms are now visible in silent mode
    Some situations causing a crash or hang are now fixed
    Android runtime

    Audio and video are now in sync when watching videos in Netflix or other video applications
    Fixed issue where remote keyboard stops occasionally
    Location status is now checked before attempting to search for GPS
    Fixed issue where typed characters appended to an underlined word in predictive keyboard
    Applications using audio integrate better with native SailfishOS apps
    Network state detection improvements
    Application pause/resume improvements
    Recovery mode

    If a factory reset cannot be performed or if the device has booting issues,

    Unplug USB cable and turn off device
    Press volume down and power on the device
    Plug in USB cable and using USB networking telnet to or and follow the instructions
    Note: it is still possible to break the Recovery mode in developer mode.

    Known issue

    Some of the android apps are still unable to connect to mobile data network if the SIM PIN code is entered after a measurable delay on boot up. This is due to the incorrect 3G connectivity detection API used by them. There are 2 ways out of this situation:

    Reboot the device and enter the PIN code promptly when asked OR
    Restart android runtime service as follows from the Terminal app (requires developer mode enabled )
    [nemo@localhost ~]$ devel-su
    [root@localhost nemo]# systemctl stop aliendalvik.service
    [root@localhost nemo]# systemctl start aliendalvik.service
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    Software Update:
    Released: 31/01/14


    Changelog and instructions are appended below, for discussions please go
    to together.

    We managed to remove linking to X11 libs completely now, which results
    in a slightly larger download this time, as most of the base system was

    What's new

    - Landscape mode for Browser, gestures and notifications
    - Pinch to zoom support in Camera viewfinder
    - SMS support in Android runtime environment
    - Clearly distinguish Android apps from native apps in Store
    - Settings to disable/enable Quick call support in Phone app (from
    - 'Clear clipboard' functionality
    - Delete all contacts in one go ( via pulley menu option in People app
    - Improved recovery mode functionality introducing new features such as
    bootloader unlocking, shell and filesystem recovery options
    - Exchange ActiveSync policies introduced ('DevicePasswordEnabled' only)
    - Event location support to calendar events

    Note: On first boot after the upgrade, you will experience delayed
    application start for Android apps (depending on the no. of Android apps
    you have installed on your Jolla). Wait for a bit before you attempt to
    launch them. If the environment has not been fully loaded, you will
    experience apps closing on startup.

    Fetch the update

    Important: You need a working Jolla account configured on your device in
    order to receive update notifications. If you are unable to successfully
    configure the account, please visit account.jolla.com and try to reset
    your password.

    If your Jolla is connected to WLAN network, an OS update notification
    should pop up shortly. If you just can't wait, you can manually trigger
    an OS update check as follows:

    - Open Settings app
    - Go to System Settings -> About Product
    - Pull down the pulley menu and select 'Check for update'
    - Once an OS update notification is received, tap on it and follow the

    Do not reboot the device while the OS update installation is in
    progress. The process takes up to 10 minutes. During the update, the
    device screen might blank out. You may awaken the display by a short
    press on the power key to monitor the progress. When the upgrade has
    completed successfully, you will see the LED light up red before the
    device restarts.

    Highlights of improvements

    * TOH
    - Fixes the issue with NFC leaking power when TOH is attached.
    - On connecting the Other Half, associated ambience will not change
    unless it is being used for the first time or the ambiance has been
    earlier marked as favourite.
    - Installed ambience is only activated if the Other Half has been
    - Improvements in profile handling.

    * Accounts
    - Multiple accounts of the same service can now be differentiated by the
    display name entered in the 'Account information' field
    - Improved country list search while setting up new accounts
    - Fixes "account needs update" messages displayed for
    still-authenticated accounts

    * Settings
    - Fixes issues with sound profile due to ambience ringtone volume

    * Visual improvements in the UI
    - Performance improvements to pulley menus
    - Rendering improvements during scrolling through disabling subpixel
    - Fixes to multi-line text editor layouts
    - Fixes the search field text clipping issue
    - Automatically close menus when an app goes to background
    - Commit composed text when user drags the cursor
    - Unfocused text fields are now less dim and more readable
    - Label fade effect made less aggressive

    * Camera
    - Audio quality Improvements to video recordings
    - Front camera now has a resolution of 2 Mpx in aspect ratio 4:3
    - Fixes an issue where images in certain conditions have very cold
    (blue) tones.

    * Calendar
    - Option to select calendar when creating an event

    * Gallery
    - Shows active image on the cover
    - Shows transferred mp4 videos if tapped on the video in the Transfer UI
    - Modifying email tone in Gallery Ambience album is actually taken into
    use now

    * People
    - Automatic SIM contacts availability can be turned off
    - Characters not part of locale alphabets are appended to the alphabet
    groups when required
    - Removes editor restriction on one detail of any specific type
    - Search indexes more information in the background
    - Search correctly distinguishes between diacritic forms for locales
    - Address format corrected for locale conventions
    - Contact favorite status can be changed from Messages and Phone
    - Duplicate IM addresses are suppressed
    - Cleared detail fields are removed rather than preserved
    - Email address field does not auto-capitalize
    - Import VCF file listing shows filename
    - VCF import creates nickname for contacts without sufficient

    - SIM contact modifications no longer lost after flight mode activated
    - 'Title' field applies to organizational role, rather than name prefix
    - Fixes invalid link suggestions with Mail for Exchange
    - Fixes a crash after linking contacts

    * Bluetooth
    - Fixes audio issues with SE VH410 bluetooth headset
    - Bluetooth visibility timer no longer pauses when the device is in
    sleep mode

    * Browser
    - New tabs can be cancelled by navigating back
    - Fixes issues in saving content downloaded from password protected
    - Tab thumbnails now sorted in most recently used order
    - URL input method for search/url field
    - Fixes an issue in having wrong thumbnail in tab grid

    * Mail
    - Fixes an issue that prevents sending emails only with CC or BCC
    - Better visual separation between messages when replying to a email
    - Fixes an issue related to opening a html email via notification
    - Several improvements for the reply and reply all actions
    - Fixes an issue related to the handling of 'reply-to' header
    - Fixes an issue related to the handling of 'In-Reply-To' and
    'references' message headers
    - Fixes an issue in the communication with SMTP servers that don't
    accept authentication command in two steps
    - Fixes an issue related to email encoding
    - Fixes an issue that prevents the "Email info" page from scrolling

    * Exchange ActiveSync
    - Improvements in contacts and calendar synchronization
    - Fixes an issue that prevented communication with Open-Xchange servers.
    - Improvements on the error handling when login fails
    - Fixes an issue that cause exchange to sync automatically outside peak

    * Battery & power saving
    - "Recharge battery" notification now displayed before the device
    completely shuts down

    * Security
    - Fixes an issue that allowed bypassing devicelock code with usb cable

    * Transfers and Sharing
    - Initiated downloads that are unfinished or closed by the client now
    expires after 3 minutes
    - Sharing PNG images doesn't fail anymore

    * Virtual keyboard
    - Portuguese layout added
    - Enhanced prediction for Italian and French
    - Some missing characters to key popups added
    - URL and email modes now available for layouts
    - Better landscape support

    * Calculator
    - Scientific notation is not used anymore for single digit decimal

    * Android
    - Disables Android phone app playing ringtone on receiving an incoming
    - Fixes issue in detecting mobile data network connection
    - Improvements to remote keyboard, audio service and window handling
    - Fixes issue where flight mode was not persistent after reboot
    - Improved memory handling while running low on available memory
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    Software Update:
    Released: 17/03/14


    It’s here: Jolla’s Sailfish OS is out of beta and brings lots of cool new features!

    If you have openrepos enabled on your device, please disable all of them before initiating the OS update. More information is available at https://together.jolla.com/question/33598/important-steps-to-do-before-updating/

    Improved performance, internet sharing, camera updates, better Jolla store, and more…
    Jolla’s mobile operating system Sailfish OS has today reached yet another BIG milestone. Our fourth software update, in just a few months, is a major one, and it introduces a wide array of intriguing new features, as well as many visual and performance improvements.

    With this major update we have decided to remove the beta tag, as we truly believe Sailfish OS 1.0 and the Jolla smartphone now offer a viable alternative for all smartphone users around the world. Naturally we are not stopping here, as we continue to provide monthly software updates to Jolla devices and Sailfish OS.

    Smoother user experience and performance

    The last months we’ve been working hard to make the Sailfish OS perform as effectively and effortlessly as possible. With a lot of new optimizations and stability fixes, the user experience is now faster than ever, making multitasking and other actions, like flicking and panning lists smoother than before.

    We’re also introducing many visual improvements that make the user experience flow smoother than before. We’ve e.g. tuned the pulley menus, and effects on switches and progress bars, added lots of new graphic icons to the flow, and enhanced many visuals for different swipe actions in the user interface.

    Landscape mode is now supported in the gallery, messaging, email and notes applications, and we added an orientation lock function, so that you can keep your desired orientation by simply holding your finger on the screen. Jolla store also received a new look and functionalities, and the phone settings have now many new options as well.

    Enhanced camera and Internet Sharing

    In this update, we added many new settings to the camera. Among these are a self-timer, a three option viewfinder grid, tap-to-focus function, new ISO settings, exposure compensation settings as well as a new camera application cover to the home screen. The camera performance is also now better than before.

    One feature that our user community have requested is mobile hotspot on Jolla. We decided to make it happen in this update. You can now easily share the mobile data connection via WLAN using Internet Sharing in the settings menu, and use your Jolla as an internet access point for other devices.

    Moving to Jolla made easier

    One of the challenging issues for many people switching to a new smart phone is the transfer of contacts from the old phone. We’ve now made this easier for new Jolla users, by providing easy transfer of contacts from selected old phones over Bluetooth for devices supporting SyncML.

    We also now support exporting and importing backup data with the memory card, which gives you an easy way to back-up your content.

    Update your Jolla now!
    Here’s how to update your Jolla:

    1. Be sure you have signed into your Jolla account from the phone or that you create a new Jolla account from your phone. When the update is available for your device, you’ll see a notification in the events view.
    2. Disable all openrepos before initiating the update.
    3. Tapping the notification will take you to the Store where you can download the update. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    4. Choose install from the pulley menu.

    Do not reboot the device while the OS update installation is in progress. The process takes up to 10 minutes. During the download, the device screen might blank out. You may awake the display with a short press on the power key to monitor the progress. When the download has completed there will be an instruction on the screen to install the update – use the pulley menu again. A view with Sailfish logo and progress bar appears. Once the install phase is completed the phone proceeds to restart by itself, do NOT touch the power key.

    Check out also the full technical release notes here!
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  • JollaTidesJollaTides
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    Software version:, Paarlampi
    Release Date: 11/04/14


    What's new?
    Two-way sync of Exchange contacts
    Over-the-air (OTA) provisioning: Receive mobile data and MMS access point settings from your operator over-the-air
    Share and receive pictures and contacts via MMS (experimental 1)
    EXIF data is now stored in photos taken with camera.
    Save GPS coordinates in captured photos [Settings->Apps->Camera]
    Set default account to be used for sending emails [Settings->Apps->Email]
    Swipe to close gesture available as a setting and disabled by default for new users [Settings->System->Shortcuts]
    Visual interaction hints in events view, browser, camera, email, phone and messages apps
    Keyboard sounds [Settings->System->Sounds and feedback->Touch screen tones]
    1 Tested on Finnish operator networks only. Let us know if you have issues on your operator network. View more info on MMS settings at ZenDesk and how to debug at mms-issues-hints-for-debugging-and-helping-us-to-improve post.

    Fetch the update

    First to the first ones
    The software update will be first available to our dear users owning "The First One" covers. The rest of our user base will be able to update their devices on the same day, but a few hours later.

    Heads up: Android apps will be reinstalled
    The Android runtime upgrade will reinstall the Android apps on your device. You will see a visual indication (spinning on the app icons) in the launcher area. The app icons may get re-arranged after the re-installation. Your data however should remain intact.

    Working Jolla account configured on your device.
    Charger connected
    Device connected to WLAN
    If you are unable to successfully configure the account, please visit account.jolla.com and try to reset your password.

    Users running software version <
    If your device is running software version lower than and have WareHouse app installed (i.e you are using OpenRepos), disable all openrepo repositories before attempting to upgrade your device. Else, you risk breaking the device. Read important-steps-to-do-before-updating and how-to-disable-openrepos-repositories posts for more information.

    Update the software
    If your Jolla is connected to WLAN network, an OS update notification should pop up shortly. If you just can't wait, you can manually trigger an OS update check as follows:

    Open Settings app Go to System Settings->About Product
    Pull down the pulley menu and select 'Check for update'
    Once an OS update notification is received, tap on it and follow the instructions.
    Do not reboot the device while the OS update installation is in progress. The process takes up to 10 minutes. During the update, the device screen might blank out. You can awaken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress. When the upgrade has completed successfully, you will see the LED light up red before the device restarts.

    In rare circumstances, you may have to try a second time to get through the update successfully.

    View detailed instructions at Zendesk.

    Highlights of other improvements
    Fixed OpenSSL "heartbleed" bug (CVE-2014-0160)
    Provides Exchange account setting for two-way contact synchronization
    Option to clear learned words from text prediction database [Settings->System->Text input]
    Disabled accounts now appear dimmed and non-selectable in the presence selection view
    Allows enabling GPS in flight mode
    Connection indicator in home screen now supports dual connection of WLAN and mobile data (one connection online, another ready-to-use)
    Fixes issue where disabling mobile data connection mid-way through a data sync (e.g.: scheduled sync of emails, social media etc) re-activated mobile data at the next scheduled automatic sync interval specified by the user, or when a user manually triggered a new sync.
    Android runtime
    Visual indication in the launcher on android apps when Android runtime is being upgraded
    Proper support of updating and uninstallation of Android apps
    Swipe gestures to close and minimize apps now follow orientation of the android apps
    Fixes security vulnerabilities - Android Bugs 9695860,10148349
    Supports android apps that use android camera apps directly instead of the camera API
    Android audio volume normalized
    Supporting sending SMS via Android apps
    Improved 2D/3D performance
    Delete all occurrences of a recurring calendar event
    Disables swipe gesture to access camera roll while recording video
    Graphics improvement to timers and shutter key
    Clock & Alarm
    Provision for the alarm to ring when the phone has shutdown in battery low condition
    Tapping clock and calendar alarm dialogs now displays animation hint to use the pulleys (also in incoming call, Class 0 SMS, Supplementary Services dialogs)
    Visual improvements
    Visual refresh for the preloaded Ambience photos and colors
    Display page edges when moving between application pages
    Haptic feedback on shutting down the phone
    Homescreen, Lock screen, Events view, Notifications
    Plays sounds only for high priority notifications (i.e missed call, chat, SMS, MMS, voice mail and email) when the device is locked
    Displays busy indicator on top of application being uninstalled or updated (same hint as when you install new app)
    Flicking horizontally on lock screen now displays animation hint to unlock with a flick up (same hint as when you tap the lock screen)
    Virtual keyboard
    Plays sound feedback on interacting with keys
    Store client
    Notifies Jolla about developer mode activation for the Jolla account configured on the device
    Disables stepping back when the OS update download is ongoing
    Provides 'Create new email message' option directly from the main view via pulley menu
    Displays placeholder text for To, Cc and Bcc fields until text is entered
    Improves picking recipients while composing mails
    Receive photos and contacts (vCard) via MMS
    Improves entering recipients on a new message
    Allows display/edit of 'Title' field in Exchange contacts
    Updates context menu in contact picker to allow 'Edit' and 'Add to favorites' actions
    Updates highlight colors of default 9 ambiance
    Provides image editing view in landscape mode
    Displays ambience settings immediately after creating a new ambience
    The Other Half
    Wakes up display when switching TOH covers
    Allows configuring sound settings associated with TOH ambience
    Startup wizard
    Startup wizard now explicitly provides feedback when the user wants to skip creating a Jolla account
    Known issues
    Call forwarding options are not visible in the UI though they are set. Until we find a fix, please use the GSM service codes from the phone dialer to verify your settings. Refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_forwarding#Keypad_codes for useful codes.
    Settings app takes some time before it loads completely after boot.
    EXIF info of the photos is not visible in the Gallery.
    Occasionally, the device may have problems connecting to internet when the device is connected to both WLAN and mobile data networks. We have a fix in the pipeline.
    Some of the device reboot issues have been addressed though it does not eliminate the problem completely. We are striving to find a fix to resolve the issue permanently.

    Please contact Jolla Care at care@jolla.com if there are severe issues on your device.
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