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Missing Hardware Features: Please Make Requests Here!
  • JollaTidesJollaTides
    668.00 KarmaPosts: 526Captain
    Please report any hardware features that you feel are missing and cannot live without here.

    These hardware requests could potentially be infused into another half or even just maybe something that requires activating by Jolla (eg. 4G).

    Let's keep the requests simple, concise and to the point for the benefit of providing a reference to Jolla.

    Rather than double posting someone else's suggestion, please hit the 'like' button to show an extra vote for any stated feature.
    Post edited by JollaTides at 2013-12-18 02:02:41
  • FazFaz
    63.00 KarmaPosts: 37Crew
    QWERTY keyboard.
    I want my physical keyboard and I want it now! =)
  • rgsidlerrgsidler
    11.00 KarmaPosts: 6Crew
    Localized hardware keyboards, not only 'qwerty', but also 'йцукен', 'qwertz', 'уеишщк' a.o.m...
  • andreibechetandreibechet
    321.00 KarmaPosts: 219Deckhand
    Extended battery OTH
  • BaffTechBaffTech
    32.00 KarmaPosts: 10Crew
    QI charging cover (seems already done by some guys so technically feasible).
  • KnuXKnuX
    90.00 KarmaPosts: 81Crew
    One simple thing I still miss from the N900 is the little flap that allowed the device to sit at 45º.
    It should be pretty easy to do a OH with the same feature, and it was very cool.
    QWERTY fanboy: Nokia N900 (Maemo 5), Sony-Ericsson Xperia Pro (Android 4.0 ICS), Samsung Captivate Glide (Android 4.2 JB), Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (Android 4.3 JB)
    Still miss the awesomeness of the N900...
  • tvppestvppes
    19.00 KarmaPosts: 8Crew
    It seems to me that NFC could drain your batteries? Perhaps there should be way to turn it off. What you think?
    Devices: Jolla, Nokia Lumia 1520, Sony Xperia Z Tablet, iPad Air Tablet, Windows 8,1 Computer
  • apophenionapophenion
    5.00 KarmaPosts: 3Crew
    I would like to have the option of enabling encrypted tunnels and connections. Now it is seriously difficult to connect to my secure e-mail. I would need to have the STARTTLS capability. Furthermore, I would like to have a feature in the browser, that would allow me to use secure proxies (equivalent of FoxyProxy in Firefox) for web surfing. Furthermore, certificate based connections to WLAN -stations should be implemented. It kind of defeats the purpose to have a phone without NSA if there are several other cyber-security holes.

    I love the phone otherwise.

  • KaaczKaacz
    25.00 KarmaPosts: 19Crew

    Now it is seriously difficult to connect to my secure e-mail. I would need to have the STARTTLS capability.

    Email client have SSL and TLS in POP3/IMAP/SMTP settings. What you mean ?
    And please, this is SW not HW related, write this to right section.
    Post edited by Kaacz at 2013-12-23 18:03:01
  • StrahlexStrahlex
    40.00 KarmaPosts: 31Crew
    Maybe a modular phone design like this:
  • StrahlexStrahlex
    40.00 KarmaPosts: 31Crew
    rated said:

    You are right. I also do not believe that this will work because of the simple fact that this will be way too expensive and cheap phones still sell best.
    Post edited by Strahlex at 2014-01-08 09:35:55
  • jollamatejollamate
    115.00 KarmaPosts: 69Crew
    Other Half like Seabird

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