Support Us

JollaTides have partnered with community run UK network GiffGaff in order to cover ongoing costs associated with keeping this site maintained.

If you are based in the UK and have reached the end of your contract and want to be free from contractual commitments or indeed would simply like a spare free pay-as-you-go sim card for emergencies/kids/work phone etc, please consider our great offer below.

Click here for a free giffgaff sim card with an extra £5 airtime credit thrown in for free available through any GiffGaff links on the JollaTides website!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and doesn’t cost a penny:

    1. Click the image link below:
    2. Fill in your details on the GiffGaff site.
    3. Get your free sim sent to your door with £5 credit available upon activation!

A little bit about GiffGaff:

GiffGaff is a community driven network which uses the O2 network for great mobile reception across the UK.

If you are fed up of being tied in for crazy long 24 month contracts, GiffGaff may just be perfect answer for you, and a perfect partner for your new Jolla handset.

Did you know ?

    • Unlike other network operators, calling freephone 0800 numbers are really FREE with GiffGaff so you won’t find at the end of the month a huge long bill to phone numbers you thought had been free.  Some UK networks charge up to 40p/min for calling a supposed free 0800 number!
    • Get your friends and family on GiffGaff and you will benefit from free calls and texts to all your fellow GiffGaffers.  All you have to do is topup every 3 months.
    • There are some amazing monthly goodybags available through GiffGaff and you can set these to auto renew each month if you like for ease.  This way you can benefit from contract-like monthly packages but not be tied in like a traditional 24 month contract.  Or alternatively you can literally just pay and go its up to you!
    • Any unlocked handset or handset that can take an O2 or Tesco Mobile sim card will work with GiffGaff and there is a choice of standard, micro or nano sim.
    • Great international rates starting at 2p/min from calls to China/India or 3p/min to call phone numbers in the USA!
    • It’s really easy to transfer an existing number from another network to GiffGaff just request your PAC code from your current network operator and provide it to GiffGaff after you’ve activated your new sim.
    • Being with GiffGaff is one of the most liberating experiences – say goodbye to expensive 2 year contracts and say hello to FREEDOM.