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Wild Speculation #1: 9 Inch #Jolla Tablet Other Half


After some more thought on the the bezels from the teaser image Jolla leaked on their website, it got my mind working overtime. Just speculating with a random 9 inch tablet, don’t believe… Read More

Go, Go, Makerbot: Calling Budding #Jolla Photographers


Well it looks like twitter user geek o nerd has presently caught the OH bug and posted a rather neat Vine creation of a prototype we believe he’s put together(?). At this stage I’m… Read More

Who Has Ordered #TOHKBD, And Which Custom Options Will You Be Choosing?


In case you hadn’t noticed, we are SERIOUSLY excited about the #TOHKBD over here at JollaTides, in fact almost as excited as when we first prebooked the Jolla well over a year ago! So we thought… Read More

Other Half Printed Covers From €14.42 + P&P


One of our community members recently drew our attention to some nice 3D printed other halves that he has made available from €14.42 + P&P. The colours range from burning red; sunset pink; lightning violet;… Read More

[02/21/2014] Today’s Press News in a Nutshell


Awesome and exciting news today released from Jolla to impress us more and never fail to amaze the hell out of us! As we come closer to this year’s MWC Jolla is already… Read More

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